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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 2

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I know this one’s been beat to death, but the player-base will never let Mythic forget the forts. The forts are probably at the top of many many players wish-lists for WAR. I think it was October 2009 when the forts were axed to ease city access more, well soon after they were axed and the city was zerged half a dozen times a day people were begging for them back. Lets take a walk down memory lane…

Why were forts removed? Well they suffered from many problems – lag on older computers (never mine though), insane champ-guard respawns, pet-pulling of the Lord to the bottom levels, population caps (also known as “Supply Lines”), and all of this combined – a pretty heavy advantage for the defenders. With odds stacked against the attacking realm, forts were rarely captured – and you needed two forts to access the city. In addition to this, forts required greater wards which could only be obtained from the forts themselves or grinding out PvE. All of this added together equaled one thing – a pretty effective wall halting gear progression beyond Annihilator gear (in terms of RvR sets). Conqueror gear only began to be acquirable once Mythic changed it so you got bags for defending. Pushing the city was nay impossible with such odds, and even when it was pushed the invader stage was bugged to bits and pieces making that gear also very difficult to get.

Why forts need to come back? Well for several reasons. Lets nail the first one off the bat – when forts existed the realm had a unifying point. If you were online and the enemy pushed your fort – you made damn sure the fort did not fall on your watch. If you were attacking you gave it your all to take that fort and gain boasting rights for weeks to come. Due to the supply lines the most effective pushes when facing equal odds required coordinated waves of attacks – the first attack to weaken the defenders and keep them engaged so they could not rez back up and the second wave to clean house. This was the age of Warhammers coordination. The whole realm had to work together to push a zone. The whole realm had to work together to take a fort. The whole realm had to work together to push the city to stage 2. When Mythic got rid of forts they shattered the need for collective and cooperative play. A zerg couldn’t take a fort, but with forts gone a zerg could push a pairing.

The second key reason deals directly with the 1.4 patch. This patch has literally made pushing a zone as easy as sitting around summoning resource carriers and then sitting on a ram. I asked Mythic what was to stop 6 people from pushing the city and they said nothing. To test the theory me and five friends pushed the city during prime time while the rest of the server duked it out in Pragg turning a blind eye to the Elf and Dwarf pairing. Originally zones flipped too fast, now flipping a zone is boring as shit. A happy medium should have been introduced to the original 1.4 ORvR zone flip mechanic, not just simply doubling the resources required and the door hit points. That medium could have easily been the forts. Sure let us flip the zone fast, but then force us to beat our heads on the fort walls.

Lastly, and this one is just my opinion, forts were fun as hell. I know from players with lag issues they felt otherwise, but on clear fort defense… well there was nothing quite like the tension of waiting for the invaders to push up the ramp. We had our main tank wall, our secondary tank wall, our mdps on the main floor, our healers and range on the ranged ramp and when those invaders pushed up all hell broke loose. Vent would erupt in commands and cries of woe and it was wonderful. ‘The tank walls been breached, there’s mdps on the range pad!’ Ah the bygone days of glory.

Add a second ramp to the Lord’s level and give us back the glory of forts. What could possibly be a better Christmas present for WAR?

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