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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 3

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Quest Experience Scaling & PvE Rewards
For any older player whose been playing WAR for years, this is probably an irrelevant issue, but it’s something worth bringing up in my opinion. I’m lumping two aspects of the PvE experience into one here – experience and rewards, both primarily from quests and chapter influence. Now I know WAR is primarily an RvR game, but the point is PvE shouldn’t be neglected for this sake.

I’ve leveled some of my toons from 1-40 doing nothing but RvR, and in the olden days pre-Warlord/Tyrant+ gear this was great fun (you didn’t suffer from the gear gap as much hitting tier 4). Likewise I’ve leveled a toon to 40 mixing PvE and RvR. Leveling doing nothing but ORvR and scenarios is a blast and the rewards are lucrative – more so now with the new scenario weapons. However, if one was to try to level their toon to 40 via quests and PQs they would find the results diminishing with each chapter. In tiers 1-2 (Chap 1-9) the experience from quests matches the mobs you fight (what I mean by this is that you will level at a rate that equals the NPCs in the chapter), but once you hit tier 3 this rate begins to slow down drastically to the point where you have to either grind PQs or do scenarios/RvR. For this reason I think the experience from quests should scale accordingly with the levels intended for those chapters.

A secondary factor of the lacking PvE experience is the reward scheme. Ultimately the end goal of the game is to kill people in the face, how you get there is up to you. Should you choose to get to 40 via PvE you will be poorly rewarded not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of loot. If you’ve never done PvE take a look at your chapter influence rewards – they are a good indication of the rewards in that chapter’s quests. Considering the possibilities from crafting, 200 healing pots and +2 talis don’t really cut it. A level 39 player can equip +24 talis, yet the influence rewards for the matching chapter yield +5 or 6 talismen, or perhaps some green gear. If you want a better reward you can grind out the elite influence reward for each chapter which is usually a blue item.

Now I believe that Mythic has recognized the slow rate of experience gain and addressed it mildly, but not to its fullest extent. First we got the free level scroll in the EvC pairings chapter 4 town, presumably intended to bump a player a tad higher in tier 2. At level 19 players get a six part quest with each part yielding 62k experience – another boost in tier 2/3. I think more can be done, and it doesn’t sound too difficult. Simply up the experience gain from quests and mobs in tiers 3 and 4 AND revisit the rewards from quests and influence. While at launch a +4 tali may have meant something, today anyone caught wearing one would be laughed off the battlefield.

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