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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 5

Thanquol’s Incursion
Ok, so Mythic promised us this fantastic Skaven-themed zone with 1.4, a zone which would not detract from the campaign but add to it. For my Christmas wish list I would like to see Thanquol’s redone. Let’s break down Thanquol’s Incursion (TI) and shine some light on how it can be improved.

Going back to my previous 8 course meal I used for Dungeon Analysis –
Time Commitment – Well this is a mixed bag. I’ve done this dungeon with 24 people v 24 Destro and it went decently fast (after they rage quit). I’ve done this dungeon with an engi and a runi and it took very long. The main factor of this dungeon (because lets be honest, its not a zone, its a dungeon, and a small ass one at that) is that you cannot plan for it. I know Mythic wanted this but the honest truth is I find this factor pretty damn annoying. Because it pops so randomly I go with who is on whenever it happens, which is rare enough on my server.

Layout  – It’s a giant hole in the ground. There are minor tunnels circling about but they have no real utility in the dungeon. The bosses always spawn in the very middle so exploring gets you nothing.

Design – This one is a 24v24vRats dungeon. Unfortunately I have encountered the enemy in here but once, and upon being wiped once they proceeded to leave. Let’s face it, this is a dungeon, the renown in here is crap. When people are doing a dungeon for loot they don’t want opposition, so when heavy opposition appears they leave in search of greener fields.

Boss Mechanics – TI has three bosses each who drops pq loot roll bags. I’ve done this dungeon without a tank and pretty much without a healer and I can pretty much safely say you don’t need either if there is no opposition.

  • Skeetk – The first boss is a Warlock Engineer who pretty much has two ‘unique’ abilities I would note. He throws a red puddle on the ground which will kill you pretty fast, and at each 25% interval of his health he will go into a warp-rocket barrage which lasts for a minute and will continuously hit anyone within 100 feet of him. Doing this fight with an engi didn’t pose many problems.
  • Throt the Unclean – The second boss is a twisted Rat Ogre. Now this fight is suppose to require some tankage with the roaming rat ogres, but since nothing in this place has a real aggro table, if you ignore them and move away from them they aren’t much of a threat. Throt is surrounded by a moat of green goo which is no good so you stand on the island with him. He is also a hungry fellow and must eat, which he does by charging at people, but he never leaves the island. Once again if you stay far enough away from him, he wont do anything to you.
  • Thanquol & Boneripper – The last boss is Thanquol himself, and he is assisted by Boneripper. This fight is particularly challenging and having a healer is a plus. First off Boneripper roams around killing people randomly so a tank is nice. Secondly Thanquol is surrounded by a plague mist for about 50 feet it seems and it will kill pretty fast. To survive the plague mist you have to kill the ghost skaven clouds which give you an immunity for a minute – that minute you dps Thanquol. Its a long fight, but with patience it isn’t hard.

Loot Mechanics – Boss one drops I believe 8 green bags with junk, yay junk. Boss 2 and 3 each drop 2 gold bags (2! for 24 people!) and some other bags with more crap. Throt (Boss 2) drops either the Doomflayer Gloves or Shoulders (the helm and boots are in the city stage 2) and Thanquol drops either the Warpforged Boots and Helm (the gloves and shoulders are in the city stage 3).

Lockouts – Like the city, the first boss is a 20hr lockout, the 2nd a 2 day 20hr lockout, and the 3rd boss a 4 day 20hr lockout.

Lore – Well all these fellows are in the lore as Lords/Heroes so that makes sense. What gets under my skin is that this instance can pop in any T4 zone. Well surprise, there are no Skaven in Ulthuan. I know, you’ll find some thing to tell me there is a rat body somewhere in Ulthuan. Great.

So now that that’s ironed out what are the downsides of this dungeon?

  • Well its not a zone, its a dungeon smaller than Hunter’s Vale. We were told we’re getting a Skaven-themed zone, I’m still waiting.
  • Secondly it doesn’t add to the campaign at all. Doing TI gives you a quest item which lets you get skaven 15 minutes before other players… yay.
  • Thirdly it has a random spawn for a short window, so if you’re in a scenario – you miss it. If you’re in the city – you miss it. If you’re feeding your dogs/children/toilet – you miss it. I
  • Fourthly for some reason Mythic decided to inject PvP into a dungeon again, which has in my experienced proven to fail – I don’t know, perhaps others have had better PvP encounters in here.
  • Lastly, when it’s empty, which is often for me, its boring as shit.

How to fix it…. oh gosh… how many licks does it take to reach the center of a tootsie pop?

  • I can only think of one thing to fix this dungeon and that is to give it a predictable nature – put the gate inside the keep. Oh wait! There already is one! That’s right, the only way to enter TI is through a captured keep in a contested zone through their ‘Captured Skaven Contraption’ or whatever its called. There, you promote RvR and its no longer random. Take a keep and enter TI, that simple. How does the opposition enter? Well frankly I don’t think there should be an opposition because this concept doesn’t seem to work. But if you must, then if a keep falls a Skaven portal spawns in the defeated realms warcamp. Tada! You lose your keep, go smash rat face!
  • One last thing of note is to up the drop rate on gold bags. 2 is ridiculous. It is a million times more frustrating in the city where RR20s (remember the city is for some reason still open to level 30s despite the fact they should be in T3) roll and win Warpforged. Gee Mythic, thanks again for spitting in our face for supporting your game.
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