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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 6

December 18, 2010 3 comments

Public Quests
I venture back into the realm of PvE at the risk of people boo-hissing the typical ‘this is an RvR game’. Well I’ll be brief about this topic (I hope). Public quests are a massive portion of the PvE experience in Warhammer, most of the quests in some way or another direct you to a Public Quest so that you can get draw into the mini PvE battle. A while back Public Quests were reworked broken into an ‘easy’, ‘normal’, and ‘hard’ Public Quest for each chapter of a races’ storyline. While this was a step forward I would like Mythic to take another look at Public Quests, again another aspect of the game which has been side-lined long ago.

The first and most important thing I’d like Mythic to take a look at is the difference between easy, normal, and hard PQs. A couple months back I dragged my friends on three epic PQ crawls – going from Chapter 1 to Chapter 22 of an Order storyline in one day (if possible). While my friends dropped in and out of the event I made sure to be there the whole time… 18 or whatever hours it took. In the process of doing these 180 or whatever PQs I quickly learned Mythic’s thought-process on a PQ – it is more or less a measure of time.

  • Easy PQs generally require around 50 mob kills and the final stage consists of a champion.
  • Normal PQs generally require around 100 mob kills and the final stage consists of a hero.
  • Hard PQs generally require around 150+ mob kills and the final stage is a combination of hero’s and champions (perhaps a hero with two champions, or four consecutive heroes)
  • Some Hard PQs (the ones with more than three stages in your tome) have a Lord at the end

Now given this information, I highly disagree with the mob grind Mythic has imposed on us. A PQs difficulty lay in the final fight, not in the amount of trash you have to grind for the first stage. Would it be too much to ask to lower the mob grind down to 50 for every PQ that is over 50? Or perhaps halve it?

The last point is I’d like Mythic to give PQ gold bags the same consideration they gave Invader/Warlord bags from keeps. In the new system you have the choice of two pieces you can extract from a gold bag, increasing the chances of you getting the piece you need and lessening the grind for these sets. PQs are already a grind, why not make the PQ armor sets less of a grind?

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