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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 7

Class Balance
Here’s a rather broad category for Mythic to achieve. 1.4 brought us an injection of new toys both good and bad, but aside from the recent changes to the Warrior Priest and DoK group heal, we haven’t seen any further progress in the realm of class balance.

In my opinion the measures taken to balance the Dok and WP were not enough – their group heal got nerfed and they’re all screaming about doom and gloom (when they’ve been clearly on top for 2 years). No, I believe the DoK needs some attention in terms of dps (I do not think the WP compares in terms of dps). When you bring up the argument that Warhammer is a team oriented game, it makes sense that every class requires other classes to work better. That is unless you’re a melee DoK. This is already evident in Tier 2 when you see 6 Order try to take down a melee DoK and the bastard just wont die. Not only will he not die, but he slowly widdles down the 6 killing him. Perhaps this was a uniquely talented individual being beat on by 6 turnip sacks, but I know DoKs who say their own class is ‘stupid-OP’.

Other classes that need looking at are the Sorc/BW, Choppa/Slayer, and I believe that Zelots and Runi’s have been made perhaps too strong with the direct 1:1 conversion from Int>WP and Magic Crit/Power>Heal Crit/Power. Naturally bringing mirrors closer together would be nice but this is a fine line that I dread.

The one thing I do not want Mythic to do is to erase the uniqueness of classes because of all the ‘my mirror has ‘x’ that is better than me’. I’m tired of Marauders crying about Pounce when their tentacle of death is a one shot trick and does not generate aggro (pulling from inside WCs…) when a WL’s fetch requires the pet to reach the target, which most people either kill or move away from, and the stupid beast can be parried or blocked. No, each class has unique abilities which should stay unique, the complaint about mirrors is when one mirror has a decisive advantage in terms of dmg/healing output. Or when a mirrored pair is bleak in comparison to its archtypical mirrors.

Everyone’s got their own list (no doubt with bias thrown across the board) about how their realm is under-powered and then the devs tell us ‘we has numbers, you is fine’, but the truth is some of us have played this game long enough to know that certain classes certainly need some love, and certain classes are overplayed because they are too damn good. I kid you not, but on my server when I run scenarios most of the time destro has around 3 DoKs, 3 Chosen, 2 Choppas, and 2 Sorcs + the wild cards. Likewise for Order we have a crap ton of BWs… which use Rain of Fire on single targets. All one has to do is take a look at the population figures to see which classes have the heaviest populations across all servers and realize why it is so.

Please Mythic, trim the excess fat off the classes which clearly over-preform and give some loving to those who have been hurting since launch.

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  1. Rikker
    December 20, 2010 at 7:22 AM

    I’m clearly biased, but I disagree that Zealots/RPs are too strong now. Especially given that we (effectively) have only ST healing due to low TTK, we can certainly prolong someone’s life, but we won’t win, which is as it should be.

    To be honest, with the recent DoK/WP nerf, I’d say we’re looking at a decent balance (though Shamans still need a bit of love), though if Mythic wants longer TTK, they’ll have to look at scaling heals/dps and/or simply wounds (15k cap might not be unreasonable, while keeping battles relatively fast-paced). Any kind of adjustments to this ratio will need to be done delicately, if the TTK is too long, ST heals will eventually become the end-all be-all, and we’ll venture into WoW TTK territory (read: boring).

    • December 20, 2010 at 12:05 PM

      So you’re saying a LotD staff stacked with healing and magic power souls (with other gear emphasizing healing/magic power) converting over to 400+ Healing bonus isn’t too much =P Throw in 6 piece Sov bonus/future Doomflayer/Warpforged once people acquire those sets… some pretty high numbers there. A neglected Zealot/Runi in this set-up is a very dangerous thing. I just believe the 1:1 ratio is too strong, 2:1 would be fairer.

      • Rikker
        December 21, 2010 at 7:21 AM

        1) Zealots don’t have the “staff” option… so that’s a class-specific issue.

        2) It WAS 2:1 right after 1.3.6. Zealots (I don’t know Runies as well) were horribly gimped, nigh unplayable. The complete lack of reliable CC (which is still somewhat of an issue, but more bearable now that the healing output is higher) was a killer, and no real benefit heal-wise.

        A neglected healer EVER is a very dangerous thing… that’s the point. You should never just ignore healers and let them free-cast, or they SHOULD be kicking your butt all over the place.

  2. December 20, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    Yes plz, moar NeRfS

    MOAR NERFS!!!!

    What I want to see:

    SW OP

    And I want cookies

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