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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 10

December 22, 2010 1 comment

PvE Gear
Another horse I’m not quite done beating to death. But since it’s Christmas-time and I’m making my wish-list, I’m going to beat him some more and let Mythic save his life. I cannot possibly fathom why in a PvP-centered game Mythic would not concede to making the PvE gear easier to acquire. They literally want us to waste time grinding PvE encounters. Sure, no one said you need the PvE gear, but for some classes its pretty high up on the list of desirable/necessary. For example, for healers all their RvR sets (pre Sov) are dps oriented , while their dungeon sets are heal oriented – not 100% sure on WP/DoKs b/c I know WP Tyrant is dps; for tanks their RvR sets are dps oriented and PvE sets survivability oriented. I would think most players like their healers to heal, but unless they grind PvE dungeons (which everyone is doing less and less these days) then they can’t fulfill their role to maximum efficiency until they get sovereign gear.

Let me be clear hear, what I do not want is for Mythic to take their great axe of simplification and whack the diversity of Warlord, Invader, Conq, etc. down to a couple bland sets without variation for the archtypes. I didn’t think they should have done that for Sovereign or the new sets, and I don’t want them to do it to any other set. No, as I said above, the two sets already exist in the lower ward brackets, the only problem lay in the difficulty of acquiring the set that fulfills the role of the archtype.

Today, acquiring RvR sets is hundreds of times easier than it was at launch. Is this bad? No. But why is it still so damn hard to get PvE sets. I know Mythic wants you to work towards some achievements, but doing a dungeon 24+ times for one piece is crossing the line of ‘work’ into ‘grind’. Now I’ve pulled my friends by their uvulas into every dungeon so I know full well both how hard it is to acquire the gear facing the odds and hard it is to compose a group for a dungeon in an RvR game where the loss of precious purple numbers makes the heart bleed so. Come on Mythic, you’re giving away Warpforged gear to renown rank 20s but force RR80s to grind dungeons dozens of times just to get a single piece of gear?

I’ll go dungeon by dungeon to be a little more specific.

  • T1: Hunter’s Vale – A T1 specific dungeon set would be neat. Leave the PQ gear to the tree boss and the hound/wolf/lion mothers, but you can easily implement new dungeon boots from the Cadathian Lion and the chest from Kurunos.
  • T2: Aldorf Sewers/Sacellum – A permanent 2 drops per boss would be appreciated, why make the lower tiers suffer for the constant pushes in T4. (Not sure if this has been changed, haven’t run this since pre 1.3.6)
  • T3: Mount Gunbad – Up the drop rate for the wing bosses to 2 pieces per boss.
  • T4 Lesser Wards: Bastion Stair – Up the drop rate for all bosses to 2 pieces per boss, remove the influence requirement for wing instances, and remove the mandatory nature of the Brass Legion PQ in the middle wing.
  • T4 Greater Wards – Warpblade Tunnels/Sigmar’s Crypts – Having done Destro’s versions which are half as long and twice as easy… I can only ask for some parity here. Again, having lower warded gear be affected by the city zerg-fest (which drops Sov+ gear) seems unfair. This dungeon’s city-rank sensitivity should be fixed.
  • T4 Superior Wards –  Lost Vale – I’d ask you to fix the buggy as spider and N’kari but I’m afraid of the consequences…
  • T4 ‘Excelsior Wards’ – Tomb of the Vulture Lord – Increase the drop rate of the repairable gear. Sure it’s repairable, but if it never drops it’s a moot point.
  • T4 ‘Supreme Wards’ – Thanquol’s Incursion – Increase amount of Gold Bags
  • Overall Request – make all gear repairable by archtype/race and a higher drop rate than exists for ToVL OR make class specific pieces but for classes present in the instance (if we have no engineers, we don’t want two engineer chests).

We shouldn’t have to grind PvE sets when we’re already grinding to RR100.

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