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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 11

December 23, 2010 3 comments

Here’s another stab at 1.4. The new ORvR mechanic was suppose to freshen up ORvR – split up the zerg, slow down the city, make keep sieges fun. Well, it didn’t. Can we say hugest backfire yet? When you asked for feedback on the forums regarding the new mechanic we gave it to you and we told you it was boring as dirt. Unfortunately, as is usually the case with the forums, a very select percent of the population posts on them. Even more unfortunate is that those who posted said how much they loved the changes, a very select few voiced discontent, so Mythic was mistakenly lead to believe that that majority of the population would like the changes made to the ORvR. Well time has told the story better than I can. ORvR in the post 1.4 universe is a monster, by several accounts. I shall list my discontents which many share and try to provide constructive solutions. Read more…

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