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WAR’s 12 Days of Christmas – Day 12

Well it’s the last day of my wish-list and I hope Santa is reading. Tomorrow is Christmas and although I highly doubt anything monumental will happen then, I hope that at least we will get news of something monumental happening soon. I’ve asked for a variety of things over the past 12 days, some that could be implemented rather quickly (increasing drop rates of dungeon gear/lowering PQ mob-grind) and some which would take a little longer (class balance, real Skaven, etc.) but today I request one thing which shouldn’t need a patch and shouldn’t need any testing on the PTS.

This post may be the culmination of all current frustration with WAR. Producer’s letters are more often than not rehashes of information we already know like “this happened this year and we introduced ‘x’ that we’ve been testing for ‘y’ weeks” – the key to almost all producers letters is past tense. There is a severe lack of future tense with any substance. No one wants to read “We’ve got great things planned for the future!” A negative sign from the community was when we didn’t even merit a producer’s letter in November because they are waiting to find more to talk about. They couldn’t even manage their past tense charade? We haven’t even merited a wish of “Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!”

No, Mythic has gone on vacation and will get back to us in February. The same thing happened a year ago, come Thanksgiving Mythic disappeared and we heard naught from them until around February.You know, I realize that before Carrie came along we had no producer’s letters and what she did was kind gesture for us. The problem is that what was intended as a gesture of open communication turned into an expectation and when Carrie failed to deliver the masses grew restless.  This kind of communication cannot continue if WAR, in its struggling state, is to go on.

Finally, and this is huge, please for the love of Warhammer, stop being so damn secretive about the future and tell us what is on your plate. Don’t do this teasing shit for 6 months. Get feedback from the community as to what they want and try to work with them in delivering that product. Don’t just all of a sudden present us something that’s been shrouded in a cloak of secrecy for months and shove it down our throats saying ‘it’s too late to change things.’ You ask for feedback, but you don’t listen. We submit bug reports – they go unheard. We cry for class balance, forts, changes to PvE loot drop rates, you turn a deaf ear to us. No, your metrics show you that everything is right. You know, I’m sure sometimes they do, but perhaps sometimes they don’t.

Have you, Mythic, ever thought about doing a survey of things within your realm of possibility and polled your player-base about what they want to see? Have you ever considered that many people do not go on the PTS or the forums, and these are your casual players who are most fickle with your massive changes? Have you ever considered launching a patch on one server for a few days to see how it is received?

Business is like politics. You have constituents you represent and if you want to remain in power, you need to listen to them and aim to satisfy their desires. We vote with our subscription, and the sheer lack of communication from Mythic is a sure sign that you would do horribly in the world of politics. Try to show a little passion for the game you represent.

Tomorrow is Christmas, the least you could do is change that damn ‘Server Message of the Day’ which has been the same for 28 months to “Happy Holidays from Mythic”.

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  1. December 24, 2010 at 11:29 AM

    You pro man

    YoU pRo

  2. December 25, 2010 at 8:29 AM


    Feeling abused by Mythic this Christmas season… perhaps I should have asked Santa for a game that doesn’t make me want to cry with frustration at what could have been.

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