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How to Expand PvP… Empire – Reikland

Yesterday I came up with an easy solution to a PvP expansion to WAR, at the expense of PvE. The solution: expand the RvR lakes into the PvE lakes and turn key PQs and Major landmarks into battlefield objectives. No new content is added, but the scale of ORvR doubles in some zones.

To me BOs always should have been something worth defending – key structures or choke-points. It always baffled me how so many BOs are just… open stretches of ground with some trees or a single building. Tactically speaking many BOs are seemingly pointless locations. The true art of the developers was instead poured into the PvE lakes, wasted talent since so few venture out into the PvE lakes. So now I present how I would expand the RvR lake a la my visual guide! Nothing fancy but hopefully it can illustrateĀ  some cool locations.

With the magic of Paint I expanded the red bubble that is the ORvR lake. At a glance, Reikland is about 33% RvR, 66% PvE. My approach would try to even out out to 50/50 but that’s not my goal. The difficulty in Reikland lay in the lack of crossings across the two rivers which form a natural barrier to the RvR lake. While there are more locations which would pose awesome BOs, I tried to keep it a fair chunk on both sides.

A. My first BO is the Empire PQ Castle Graunberg. I love this scenery because not only is it a strategically placed castle upon a high hill, but the within the walls lay a dense urban environment with the central keep towering above all.

B. My second BO Order-side is the major landmark of the West Temple. It is a huge temple that is rarely seen in the Warhammer world, and non-existent in the ORvR scene.

C. Third in line we have the Raven Landing major landmark. While not an imposing architectural structure, this dock jutting out into the river would be strategically important to the Empire and would provide ample room for some heated fights with controlled CC.

D. Forth we have the Empire PQ “The Heinrich Estate”. The BO in appearance is much like a keep, but would be treated much more like the Hallenfurt Manor BO in High Pass.

E. Destro-side I used the ‘Ambush at Garrisonburg’ PQ from chapter 20. The setting is an un-walled urban environment, a potentially neat feature for the BO here could be rotating flag locations within the different structures.

F. For this BO I chose the major landmark location of the Sigmar Shrine. While the shrine is upon the hill, I’d love to see the flag in the water at the base of this epic statue, nothing would spell challenge like a heated battle in a perma-snare lake. This thing looks awesome and yet I doubt many Order players have seen it.

G. This BO would be the “Stoneclan’s Demise” PQ Destro-side. This looks like it was meant to be defended. Ramps with cannons, gyrocopters, dwarves. If you could only use these siege weapons then it could provide for a pretty neat battleground.

H. My last BO in Reikland is the major landlark of the Elf Landing. Though nothing really significant lay here otherwise, the High Elf reinforcements in Reikland would pose a threat to Destruction.

In truth I would love to see the Temple of Reikland, Ritterburg, and Castle Reiksguard as BOs or contested locations. They are really awesome sights, but I didn’t want to expand into them because it would go so deep into the existing Chaos storyline.

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