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How to Expand PvP… Empire – Praag

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Arguably one of the most highly rated zones in Warhammer. There is something about Praag which draws players to it, and fights here are never dull. I think it would be reasonable to assume that the nature of the ORvR lake is the main reason everyone loves it. You look at every single ORvR lake from T1 to T4 and they are primarily vast open fields with keeps jutting out here and there and BOs scattered in the corners. Then you look at Praag with its twisted streets, dead-end alleys, open squares, shattered buildings. Yes, this is the truest sense of WAR. Few zones are zerg busters, and Praag is one of them. While my original argument with expanding the RvR lakes was to incorporate artistic wonder left in the PvE lakes, that is not the case with Praag for all the artistic wonder lay within the RvR lake. This however does not mean that one cannot expand farther out. No sir, the borders of Praag go beyond the confines of the ORvR lake… Read more…

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