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How to Expand PvP… Empire – Praag

Arguably one of the most highly rated zones in Warhammer. There is something about Praag which draws players to it, and fights here are never dull. I think it would be reasonable to assume that the nature of the ORvR lake is the main reason everyone loves it. You look at every single ORvR lake from T1 to T4 and they are primarily vast open fields with keeps jutting out here and there and BOs scattered in the corners. Then you look at Praag with its twisted streets, dead-end alleys, open squares, shattered buildings. Yes, this is the truest sense of WAR. Few zones are zerg busters, and Praag is one of them. While my original argument with expanding the RvR lakes was to incorporate artistic wonder left in the PvE lakes, that is not the case with Praag for all the artistic wonder lay within the RvR lake. This however does not mean that one cannot expand farther out. No sir, the borders of Praag go beyond the confines of the ORvR lake…

For my expansion of the ORvR lake I had two real goals – to incorporate all of the city of Praag into the ORvR lake, and to get the battle out to West Praag. West Praag is largely devoid of anything significant to fight over, aside from the Sundered Fortress. Although the BOs are not exotic locations, I do think they would add some fun fights in Praag.

A. My first location is the Destruction PQ “Gates of Praag” at the ‘Northern Breach’. It is a typical Praag-plaza set up with a central square surrounded by buildings and alleys.

B. My second BO is the Order PQ ‘Hell’s Fall’ which is an elevated section of Praag taken over by the Raven Host and it is currently being used to rain fire down upon the Order of Griffon. The elevation of the location would alone provide some interesting fights.

C. Third up is the Order PQ “Griffon’s Last Stand”. This PQ covers a huge area of Praag consisting of twisting streets, a small park, a sewage ditch, and bridges spanning the roads and ditch. While the PQ is pretty damn challenging due to the champions being scattered amongst the buildings, I can easily see if the same mechanic was used for the BO guards how this BO would be a crazy mess with unforeseen battles.

D. Forth in line is the Order PQ “Broken Ground” which is a shattered portion of Praag infested with Dark Elf assassins. The key feature here is the huge square flanked by shells of buildings.

E. Destro-side I’ve located a BO at the Chaos PQ “Eastern Breach”. Much like Broken Ground it is a pretty large open space with shells of buildings everywhere. A key feature here are the dual bridges which span the river into the current RvR lake.

F. Down south we have the Chaos PQ ‘Southern Breach’ with two access routes to the RvR lake.

G & H. Last on the list are two dual BOs in West Praag, both located in the Sundered Fortress. On my map I left little RvR portions sticking beyond the fortress where I would foresee portals existing for factions to take to their keep. Given the say in the matter, I would locate one portal east of the Eastern Breach which would take players to the Southern Sundered Fortress, and another portal west of Broken Ground taking players to the Northern Sundered Fortress. An additional portal could exist within the Sundered Fortress to take players across the gap, naturally under heavy fire.

Praag, unlike Reikland, is not contained by its rivers because bridges do span it, thus easily allowing the RvR lake to expand outward. The problem lay in incorporating West Praag into the RvR lake which I did by creating portals which quickly take you this distance.


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