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How to Expand PvP… Empire – Chaos Wastes

Last up for the Empire v. Chaos pairing are the Chaos Wastes, a desolate region located at the north pole of the world from whence demon spawn spill forth. The interesting thing about the Chaos Wastes is that the RvR lake is terribly bland, but you step into the PvE lake and it is crazy as shit. Fields of petrified warriors… a ship graveyard… twisted bramble… eerie neon-colored lakes… caves spewing forth wind and sand. I’m telling you CW beyond the ORvR lake is a bizarre world, a world which would be tons of fun to fight in! Lets explore just some of the exotic locations…

The first challenge in this mini crusade to expand PvP into already existing terrain consists of the natural confines of the RvR lake. Like many of the ORvR lakes in WAR, CW is flanked by natural obstacles not meant to be crossed, so expanding outwards raises some issues. Given the option of restructuring the zone slightly, I would perhaps open up a tad more the pass between Thugamond Massif and the Chaos storyline (few know of its existance); I would emphasize the ramp between the Statue of the Everchosen and the Destruction PQ ‘Tower of Awakening’ and also construct a tunnel from this PQ to the Order PQ ‘Dance of Bones’; alternatively a portal could be placed in the existing RvR lake to teleport players up to the higher locations of the map. Lets look at the points in detail now.

A. Tucked in the corner of the Destruction PvE storyline is the PQ ‘Lonely Tower’ (I can’t imagine why its lonely). The scenery for this PQ is amazing, the screenshot doesn’t do it much justice. It is a snow swept plane with a fierce gale blowing across your screen (go shiney graphics!) and its surrounded by icy waters. Tactically I can see some pretty intense fights with proper CC usage trying to battle ones way to this BO or defending it.

B. My second BO is the Destruction PQ ‘Reaping Pain’ which is a massive cluster of twisted bramble. Stick the BO flag somewhere deep in this mess and you’ve got yourself a location where line of sight is limited and communication is key.

C. My third location is the Destruction PQ ‘Sands of Time’ and again the screenshot does this little justice. You’ve got a destroyed structure of some sort in the middle of a valley. The crazy part about this location are the massive mouths on the sides of the mountain spewing forth sand. Definitely a creepy place.

D. My final BO Destro-side is the ‘Tower of Awakening’ PQ which bears some semblance with the Maw of Madness scenario. You’ve got all these crazy claw like monoliths jutting out of the ground pointing at a sole tower in the center. Again another location with limited line of sight.

E. Order-side I’ve located a BO at the ‘Dance of Bones’ PQ. Again we have an iconic Chaos tower seldom seen (non-existant in ORvR lakes) surrounded by twisted trees, eerie blue lights, and undead dwarves. Creepy undead dwarves. Strategically speaking this BO is located above the valley that connects CW to Praag so it would make sense to hold, and just to the right of the screen is a neat Chaos bridge, also I’d say of strategic importance.

F. Now this isn’t a PQ or a major landmark, but I made it a BO because it is some crazy stuff. This massive passageway up the hill (or down) is a decaying hulk of a giant Screamer of Tzeentch. Strategically speaking its a corridor connecting Order’s chapter 20 to 21, so it would make sense as a strategic battlefield objective.

G. Right behind the Order warcamp we have the Order PQ ‘The Reaping Field’ and this is one of those bizarre elements I mentioned earlier about CW – its a field of petrified bodies. Certainly not kiter friendly. The PQ itself is pretty challenging, but I could foresee some interesting fights here with the terrain.

H. Lastly, Order-side we have the PQ ‘Madness’ which is in fact a three part battle. The first part (which would be removed in my breakdown) is the mob grinding phase 1 ground level – it is a line of sight nightmare; the second part where the champions would be is through a portal up onto a floating cluster of islands; and the hero would naturally be at the top as he is with the PQ. Assaulting this BO could become a pretty frustrating ordeal if properly defended, good use of knock backs could send waves of assailants back to the bottm, and the tiered nature of the PQ leads to stages of BO defends – a concept seldom seen in BOs.

The CW RvR lake is probably one of the blandest out there. Although it does have the potential of some of the hugest zerg-on-zerg battles due to the lack of landmarks and obstacles in the center of the map, it lacks any strategic natural locations of defense. Expanding the RvR lake into the PvE lake not only gives new exotic locations BUT also adds some topography to the fight. Yay topography!

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  1. December 30, 2010 at 2:25 PM

    Good ideas, I freaking hate, HATE, Chaos Wastes for fighting in, it’s just a giant zerg builder, that’s all it is. So freaking bland

  2. Dilek
    December 31, 2010 at 6:39 AM

    CW was more fun and challenging in the early days when you would zone into the keep area and more than half the players on both sides would freeze up with lag or crash. Now a days, though, it is truly a zerg paradise.

  3. December 31, 2010 at 11:07 AM

    The thing you need to consider, which you may not have, beyond the positions artistic value, is the distance from the keeps. You have places 6 BO’s within spitting distance of the order keep, which is fine by me.

    Now are you considering uping the number of BO’s from 4 to 8 or offering locations for the BO’s to be moved to?

    • December 31, 2010 at 2:17 PM

      It’s only the Order keep by current standards, which I’ve stated many times is crap. Last I checked Charon’s Citadel is a Chaos keep and the 1.4 system has many flaws. Even it this was to go with the existing system of 1 keep per realm in each zone and Charon’s was the ‘Order keep’, although the BOs are close as the bird flies, there are still mountains to overcome and realistically the BOs on Destruction side are closest to their warcamp, and BOs Order-side are closest to their warcamp.

      It may seem like I am choosing purely artistic locations, but I am in fact choosing locations which Mythic has given weight by either making them PQs or landmark, as it would be most reasonable that these locations would hold strategic value. This of course doesn’t work in all zones as some PQs are over locations which are simply overrun with mobs and in my version the mobs would be non-existent, ergo the PQ would lose its significance. But the point is I am trying to use locations which have significance in the PvE lake to expand RvR AND simultaneously are locations which bust up zergs with natural obstacles – locations which can be defended by outnumbered groups simply by using calculated CC.

      I guess I didn’t clarify the point – what I am aiming to do is neither up to 8 BOs or rotate BOs, but rather to up the BO count to 12 (4 existing BOs, 4 new BOs taken from Order and Destro storyline each) and force a 8/12 BOs minimum for locking a zone. The 1.4 system simply favors zerging a keep once one has 4 stars, BOs have no significance. What I want is to give back BOs their significance AND expand the RvR scene. Heck I wouldn’t care if they got rid of the 4 BOs in the RvR lakes and just used my 8 so long as a proportion of the BOs was required for a lock, not just a zerged keep.

      It’s been said time and time again that Mythic does not have the resources to give us the expansion of the scale that would include new zones and/or new armies, which confines RvR to its current tug-of-war over the same 9 zones. I am trying to offer a simple solution to expanding RvR that does not require constructing new zones or material. Instead all Mythic would have to do is simply redefine the boundaries of the RvR lake and change existing PQs into BOs. By doing that PvP has expanded with no new content added, but to many players this would be new content as few venture out into the PvE lakes.

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