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How to Expand PvP… Dwarf – Kadrin Valley

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Heading down south in the Warhammer world, we enter the realm of the dwarves. In WAR if one was to take a poll, you would most certainly find that the DvG pairing is the least liked across all tiers. In tier 4 the reason is probably for the one reason we should like the DvG pairing – it isn’t very zerg/huge battle friendly. The Empire pairing in T4 is dominated by narrow maps with warcamps at the center of the map on opposite sides (east-to-west) of the lake. The DvG pairing on the other hand locates the warcamps on north-to-south opposites and the BOs aren’t placed in locations which entirely favor zergs or one dominating force. So for the longest time this pairing was largely neglected in T4 – especially in the days of forts. My hope is that by expanding the battle into the existing PvE lakes the DvG pairing in T4 will at least become somewhat more user friendly. Read more…

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