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How to Expand PvP… Dwarf – Kadrin Valley

Heading down south in the Warhammer world, we enter the realm of the dwarves. In WAR if one was to take a poll, you would most certainly find that the DvG pairing is the least liked across all tiers. In tier 4 the reason is probably for the one reason we should like the DvG pairing – it isn’t very zerg/huge battle friendly. The Empire pairing in T4 is dominated by narrow maps with warcamps at the center of the map on opposite sides (east-to-west) of the lake. The DvG pairing on the other hand locates the warcamps on north-to-south opposites and the BOs aren’t placed in locations which entirely favor zergs or one dominating force. So for the longest time this pairing was largely neglected in T4 – especially in the days of forts. My hope is that by expanding the battle into the existing PvE lakes the DvG pairing in T4 will at least become somewhat more user friendly.

The wonderful thing about Kadrin Valley is that there are multiple points of access into the PvE lakes, since in effect the RvR lake breaks the PvE lake into five pieces. With this fact in mind it is very easy to push the bubble a little more into the PvE lake. Unfortunately the Order PvE storyline lacks key features which are not chapter hubs, so I tried to make do.

A. For the first BO Order-side I chose this monument to a fallen king which is neither a landmark or a public quest. A quest does lead you to this site and tell you what it is, but since I’ve already done the quest ages ago, I do not recall its details. Irregardless, strategically this  statue is located overlooking northern Kadrin Valley and no doubt holds significance to the dwarves.

B. For my second Order-side BO I chose another quest-related site which is neither a PQ or a landmark. Unfortunately the Dwarf chapter 15 PQs are in open locations and hold no strategic significance to the degree where I would call them BOs in RvR. This ancient elven tower, a reminder of warmer days for Elf-Dwarf relations before Malekith came along, overlooks Gromril Junction and the northern foothold of the sky-bridge spanning Kadrin Valley.

C. My third BO Order-side is the Dwarf PQ ‘Gates of Grung Grimmaz’. This would be a mining fortress and by possibly sticking the BO flag atop the Grung Grimmaz Tower at the center of the screenshot you could have some heated battles leading up to the flag.

D. My last BO Order-side is the Dwarf PQ ‘The Sealed Tower’ which is another relic of the age when the High Elves colonized the Old World. The site is littered with fallen walls, toppled statues, and other debris within the lake to add to a interesting battle-site.

E. My first BO taken from the Destruction storyline in KV is the PQ ‘Duraz Dok’ which is a mighty fortress defended by slayers. I personally find it odd that slayers would man walls considering they don’t use ranged weapons, and that the fortress has siege weapons which also strike me as anti-slayer (and yes, I know that one of the key slayers in lore is an engineer). Power up those siege weapons and stick the flag atop the central tower and you can have an interesting defense.

F. Next up I have the Greenskin PQ ‘Duraz Deb’, which is yet another mining fortress. While the walled mining fortresses of Kadrin Valley seem plentiful and would perhaps grow dry with so many, I still think each has its little differences which add twists to any battle. While Grung Grimmaz is a mighty mining fortress vast in size and Duraz Dok is a slayer fortress with some powerful siege weaponry, Duraz Deb is mainly a caravan stop-off point so it boasts neither size nor defense.

G. Next up on the list we have the Slayer Keep, Karak Kadrin, which is a Destruction PQ and oh how it eats at me that Order has no say in the fate of this behemoth. This thing is massive and for the longest time before the game was launched people thought this was the entrance to Karaz-a-Karak (it certainly is more elaborate). This should most certainly be a key objective in the RvR campaign – I cannot possibly see an attack on Karaz-a-Karak without taking Karak Kadrin.

H. Last up on the Destruction-side of BOs is the Greenskin PQ ‘Baradum’ which is just a mine, no walls. To add a twist to the flavor of this BO I would stick the flag down in the mine (which has a few levels, twists and turns, and dead-ends. The name Baradum means ‘Gate of Doom’ and it is suppose to lead to a underground route into Karak Kadrin.

While it may seem that much of the ‘new’ material I’ve provided for KV looks the same (and it is) the BOs I present are actual places which an army would need to capture in their campaign to the capital city. If anything these additions would both expand the ORvR lake and diversify the paths around the RvR lake.

Other than that I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve =)

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