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How to Expand PvP… Dwarf – Thunder Mountain

Happy 2011! I hope everyone has a splendid New Years Eve and let’s keep our fingers crossed for a bright and hopeful future for WAR. Today I take the battle to one of the former least-like zones in Warhammer, now with the lack of necessity of holding BOs for a zone lock no one minds it any longer. The RvR lake in TM is already huge, but its a massive waste of space in the middle. My aim is to expand into new exotic locations and to add some utility to the extremes of this map.

My main goal for TM was honestly to expand the battle to the two side zones. There seems to have been so much potential and intent for these zones before haste made waste and EA-Mythic chopped out half the content to launch early. In the two side zones there are clearly architectural structures on the other side of the lava rivers, some more complex than one would think. Alas we may never know what was intended to go there, but that does not mean that these two side zones should be for ever neglected. They are neat places, and grand battles could be fought here. Unfortunately Order has some pretty bland PQs/major landmarks in TM and Destro’s are too deep into the PvE lake for my purposes so I’ll do my best here.

A. The first BO I have for TM is the Order-side PQ ” ‘Ungry ‘Ungry Greenskins” which is a mini Greenskin fort of well… starving greenskins. Strategically it is just opposite of the Order warcamp and is located on a key route in northern TM from west to east. It also has good existing access to the RvR lake.

B. My next BO is a major landmark in the Order PvE storyline, the Field of Bone. Gruesome as the story for TM is, this landmark is the epitome of the sad tale. In brief for those who don’t know it, the battle was so fierce that the bodies literally piled up (why they fought so dearly here I don’t know) but TM is one massive battleground. This particular location was the site of a battle so fierce and so much blood was spilled that green grass began to take root in this harsh environment.

C. Trekking down south into the Destro storyline we have the magnificent crystals that give so much more character to the PvE lake than what Order has. I placed this BO in the Greenskin PQ ‘Gutbashed Gnoblars’ primarily due to proximity to the RvR lake. I would have much rather used the PQ ‘Und-a-Runki’ (second screenshot) but its too deep in the PvE lake I fear. Still an awesome looking location.

D. I actually moved this BO after I made the map and am too lazy to remake the map but “D” is located farther to the west at the Ashide Tunnel minor landmark. I was aiming for a location within the Destro PvE lake which was closer to the RvR lake. There unfortunately isn’t very much access into Destro’s PvE lake from the RvR lake that doesn’t lead straight into chapter hubs or warcamps. Irregardless this location is pretty neat, a giant lava pond with cages of the tortured dead hanging over them and plenty of shammies to boot. I’d say Gork favors this spot.

E. Trekking over to Order’s half of Cinderfall we have the Order PQ “The Cult of Drakk” which is pretty much a ruined Dwarf settlement taken over by dragon worshipers. My preferences for BOs in this area vary but this is a pretty geographically complex area (around the PQ) with the addition of lava to the south, so I think it could lead to more interesting situations.

F. To the west of the Destro and Order storyline lay the entire western half of Cinderfall, a region thoroughly developed by the developers, but for some reason left void of life. One can only wonder what was intended to go here (and let me tell you it took me almost half an hour getting here). Ideally I’d place BO ‘E’ on the north half of the ‘mysterious mountains’ and BO ‘F’ on the south with perhaps a flimsy bridge in between. The sheer size of this massive devastated and desolate fallen dwarf metropolis (literally, the entire portion of the northwest and southwest part of the map which is ‘mountains’ is this city) leads one to wonder and it would certainly make an epic battleground.

G. Heading over to Death Peak I’ve placed this BO at the Destruction PQ ‘Undercroft of the Blisterclaw’ – a fallen dwarf settlement overrun by skaven. This settlement is gated but has no mines and its key feature (not in the screenshot, but the building on the left) is this massive mortar. Perhaps this mortar can gain some significance in the defense of the BO.

H. My last BO for the TM trio is the Order PQ ‘Peak’s Edge’ in Death Peak, which is in fact four PQs in one and my is it epic. This screenshot is of but one of the three complexes of the PQ so BO wise it would be a very vast area that was contested. For those who wonder why this PQ is so tough, its where Grimgor Ironhide is hiding out. Additionally the eastern edges of this PQ are a sheer cliff dropping off into an abyss, so clever CC could make for some interesting fights.

Because so much of the RvR lake is taken up by a useless volcano and the PvE lakes in TM are so small, the natural solution was to utilize Cinderfall and Death Peak (which I wanted to do anyway). In regards to accessing these two side maps I would place portals around the existing RvR lake. If TM was a watch-face I would put portals at 2 o’clock, 4 o’clock, 7 o’clock, and 10 o’clock – each one leading to the BOs in those general directions on the side zones. Also because the PvE lakes are divided on the side zones I would construct a way for them to merge either via tunnels or bridges  (so a bridge from E to F and a tunnel from G to H). I think this approach would greatly improve the battle for TM.

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  1. throatgrabber
    January 2, 2011 at 12:46 AM


    once again i have to say, the second u are hired my ea/mythic to fix this game i will resub the second after. i miss the game and admire your dedication to it, keep up the excellent work and let all the kots know i said g’day


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