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How to Expand PvP… Dwarf – Black Crag

Karak Drazh is an interesting zone. Oh wait… I mean Black Crag (little observed fact, there is a small cave on the right side of the map called ‘Tunnel to Karak Drazh, I wonder if it was every intended for a side zone…). The RvR lake is designed to funnel armies down small corridors into tight fights, there isn’t exactly room for what we’d call ‘strategy’. For many new players to WAR, the greatest frustration with Black Crag is finding the south keep, an endless source of joy and humor for me… “Yes, yes, its up by the PQ ‘Poisonwing Canyon’.. just keep going to the end.” Today I explore the final zone in the Dwarf v. Greenskin pairing!

Black Crag is a zone of twisted canyons which even exist in the Order PvE storyline, oddly enough the Destro-storyline is more streamlined. Fortunately Black Crag, like other Dwarf v Greenskin T4 zones has many outlets out of the RvR lake into the PvE lake so choosing locations wasn’t too difficult. However, once again I came upon the same difficulty with the Destruction PQs/major landmarks here as I did with Order ones in KV.

A. My first BO is the Destruction PQ ‘A Wyvern in the Hand (is worth two in the bush)‘. Although this location has no neat artistic or architectural value, considering the new system of flying mounts I’d say this PQ is of vital importance now. Briefly put it is the harvesting ground for new wyverns for the Greenskin army. Perhaps taking this site could give a boon to the number or quality of aerial mounts.

B. This BO is located at the Destruction PQ “Ambush Canyon” and to be honest I chose it more for its location than any strategic value one could concoct up for it. The storyline is that this canyon is the site of a clan of dwarves getting ready to hit the Greenskins from behind and they need to be stopped. Tactically speaking this location would pose the same issues as any fight in BC – tight canyons with limited mobility.

C. The third BO Destruction-side is located at the PQ ‘Morkfang da Mad’ (Morkfang has opted to split his tribe from the Bloody Sun Boyz). The interesting thing about this location is the access from the north is across a makeshift bridge with a drop down to the plain below, so defending or attacking across this bridge would make for interesting fights. The PQ likewise is set up in the typical Greenskin manner with plenty of wooden ramps and tiered buildings and huts making it a defensible location.

D. My final BO Destro-side is the PQ ‘Overtop Outpost’ which is a site where the Dwarven Rangers scan the valleys below. Tactically speaking this location is of huge importance. It covers both the canyons below traveling south to the Lobba Mill BO. If some siege weapons were set up here or perhaps a automatic enemy radar like the Gutter Runner has, this BO would quickly turn into a must-have.

E. Going over to the Order-side I’ve located a BO at the PQ ‘Muck Pens’ which is pretty much a fallen dwarven settlement covered in filth, vomit, and excrement. The butte overlooks the path heading to Madcap Pickins so it has some strategic value and it also has a gyrocopter pad which could be of use if claimed by Order (in terms of bombing).

F. My second BO Order-side is the PQ ‘Venom Lake’ which is pretty much getting the invading dwarves sick and they have to damn it up and cleanse it of its putrid essence before the invasion is halted. Tactically, placing the BO flag in the water at the far end of the lake would create fights of natural difficulty due to the inherent snare. The bridge overhead gives some room to ranged classes to provide safe covering fire.

G. My third BO Order-side is the PQ ‘Poisonwing Canyon’ and this one is actually a very narrow fight all the way through, especially if the flag is placed at the end of the PQ (where the screenshot is). For those who haven’t been here the path pretty much winds through tunnels and along the edge of cliffs with sheer drops as it scales ever higher. Lore-wise this BO serves the same purpose as the ‘Wyvern in a Hand’ PQ fore Destruction.

H. My last BO for Black Crag is in my mind the epitome of Black Crag. In the Dwarf storyline this is pretty much the last defense before Karak Eight Peaks, and it is designed fittingly so. The path to the end boss for this PQ is a long twisting path up a mountain as the invaders snake through greenskin villages. Tactically this BO could be held for a very long time with a small amount of defenders as they tactically withdraw past the various check points, thus allowing it to fulfill its intended purpose – stalling the invasion. This is easily among my favorite PQs for the Dwarf storyline due to its sheer size.

Black Crag is a zone of twisting canyons which suffers from the zerg-funnel. I believe that by expanding the BOs to the PvE lakes the same twisted nature of Black Crag is preserved, but the two realms have different routes to attack the enemy.

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