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How to Expand PvP… Elf – Caledor

Today I venture to the last pairing on my crusade to easily expand PvP by pushing the envelope on the RvR lakes. The Elf RvR lakes are in general the narrowest across all maps of T4, so there is certainly a lot of room to expand into the PvE lake. The main issue lays with Dragonwake and Caledor being boxed in by the mountains that form the borders of the RvR lake. Lets try to tackle this problem…

For the small size of the RvR lake and massive proportion of the PvE lake in Caledor, much of the PvE lake is taken up by mountains. While there are many fascinating locations in Caledor which would make good candidates for BOs, the nature of the RvR lake is very limiting. Simply put, there is only one exit from the RvR lake into the PvE lake which is the warcamp. Combined with the massive mountains which split this zone up, the routes into the PvE lake are also limited. My solution would be twofold: first move the Destro warcamp back to the Chapter 16 hub and Order’s warcamp farther up the hill on the other side of the river; secondly put portals at the base of the overhanging mountains which take you up.

A. My first BO is the Dark Elf PQ ‘The Battle of Aderaal’ which is an epic tower which exists no where in the Order storyline. By sticking the flag at the very top of the stairs (where the five doors are at the center of the screen) you could easily have a tiered defense of this structure as the invaders battled their way up the stairs. However due to the nature of Caledor, this BO would be terribly secluded, so perhaps a portal could be put north of the western keep to try and round out the approach to the BO.

B. My second BO is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Kelysian’s Landing’ which is a gathering of the Order hosts to reinforce Caledor, which breaks the tradition of not allowing foreigners into the Inner Sea. I find this location deeply symbolic of the struggle of Warhammer – rarely do you see the three forces represented as such (excluding the hodgepodge that is the warcamp). Naturally Order would want to hold this open for reinforcements, and Destro would want to take it to stop the reinforcements. The location is strategic and the fight could be challenging as it is on an island.

C. Next up is the Dark Elf PQ ‘The Fortress of Caledor’ which is the home of Prince Imrik and his dragon Minaithnir. Imrik is the last of the line of the Phoenix King Caledor I and one of the few remaining High Elves that can raise the mighty dragons from their sleep. The location is clearly super defensible, as it should be. My biggest woe is that Order toons cannot enter the Fortress (as it is with many Destruction PQs) so I have no idea how it looks inside. Irregardless this location should be key to Caledor – I cannot possibly see the Dark Elves marching on Ulthuan and bypassing this.

D. My last BO Destro-side is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Malyros’ Rest’ which is a sacred site of the remains of a fallen dragon. Although powerful in life, dragons do not lose their importance with death. The bones are powerful sources of magic and thus the defenders of Caledor are trying to make sure that the sorceresses of Malekith do not corrupt this site and the fallen dragon Malyros’ spirit.For quick access to this BO I would locate a portal below the cliff leading up top – naturally players could be punted back down.

E. Heading south to the Order-side I’ve placed my first BO for this side at the High Elf PQ ‘Might of Ulthuan’ which is pretty much the last stand of Malekith before his Black Ark (in the PvE storyline, landmarks in the RvR lake do not count). This location is pretty much the foothold of the massive invasion force. Access to this BO would be aided by a portal from the cliff below; however, there is still a great distance from the cliff so the invaders would still have to battle their way to the flag, which would be deep in this defensive Dark Elf position.

F. Next up is the High Elf PQ ‘Tor Sethai’ and I will be bluntly honest here – this to me is what BOs should look like, this PQ is what drove this chain of posts. Not only is this structure super important to the High Elves of Caledor AND a major landmark, BUT it is also a super well designed tiered complex which would lead to fierce defenses. I would literally need several screenshots to depict the glory that is this PQ, but let me say for the last PQ in the High Elf storyline it is indeed fitting. Access to the PQ starts with a wide staircase which can be seen at the bottom of the screenshot. Then the path circles widely around the plateau at the center of the screenshot as it climbs up through fountains, buildings, bridges over a river, a gazebo and small park. With a proper defense and healers rezzing defenders up higher in the structure, the defense of this BO could be a grand ordeal.

G. The third BO Order-side is the PQ ‘The Shrine of the Dragontamer’, which is located just up the hill from the warcamp. This site bears the same importance as the Destruction PQ ‘Malyros’ Rest’. The Dark Elves are trying to corrupt the bones of ancient fallen dragons to taint their spirits and create unrest. The site bears importance to both sides and is itself a site riddled with obstacles in the form of dragon bones.

H. My final BO in Caledor is the High Elf PQ “Ulan Bel” which is above the RvR lake in fact and would be reached via portal in my vision. The PQ is important for one main reason – it overlooks the RvR lake and the march of the Dark Elves into Eataine. This location is more open then some of the other locations in Caledor, but it does have the danger factor of the cliff edges and sheer drops down to the RvR lake below, carelessness is not an option!

Caledor is a very neat zone with tons of interesting locations, some which I didn’t use because I had to choose only 4 sites per side. The difficulty in the zone lay in access to the PvE lake from the RvR lake which I tried to overcome by shifting the Warcamp back and creating portals which would take the combatants up to the cliffs towering above the RvR lakes (be careful when you teleport up though or some sneaky bastage will punt you down!).

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  1. January 4, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    I was wondering what your plan was going to be for Caledor. This is probably the hardest map to expand because, it was never really a great design to start with. Great features, but it was really nothing more than a straight shot RVR lake, that is very linear, which meant, all fighting funnels to the center BO.

    Though portals would solve the issue of movement in this unforgiving terrain of mountains, I think it would cause a problem with players just portalling back and forth like they do in T3, T2 Dwarf. A cooldown would need to be put on the portals.

    With this zone, I think the WC would be too much of an influence on BO guarding. You would have less involved Destro attacks to the south as the fight would drag you close to the WC. Same could be said for Order and any attempts on North Resources. Also, your carriers would have to be able to use portals on the cliffs, otherwise they would always run by enemy camps. The WC would probably need to be relocated.

    The Fortress of Caledor isnt all that exciting on the inside. If you like, I’ll can go in there and get you some pics if it helps you at all.

    • January 4, 2011 at 10:19 AM

      Whoops, forgot that those new BO are mini PVP PQs, not RC loactions. My bad.

    • January 4, 2011 at 10:44 AM

      Yeah it is really difficult to push beyond the RvR lake here. I can see your point about the warcamps being pretty effective BO guard points, especially with BO ‘B’ next to the Ch. 16 hub for Destro. While I feel it could be an issue, I see it more or less in the same light as the Lobba Mill in Black Crag – that this is right up against the Destro warcamp and always the last objective for Order in that zone for that reason. Perhaps if the Order-side BOs were given more weight for Destro and vice versa (for this zone at least) then the incentive would shift. It’s just such a hard zone to work with.

      In regards to the portals I can definitely see abuse being an issue. I think a solution would be to have the portal drop you off at a random location above/below. I can see a cooldown working for these so long as it wasn’t too long. I think you’re suggestion would work best, unless Mythic felt capable of designing alternate routes up the hills (hidden stairways, climbable rope/ladders like in the Thunder Valley SC).

  2. January 4, 2011 at 2:38 PM

    I have screenshots of inside the fortress that you can’t go in.. somewhere..

    • January 4, 2011 at 3:25 PM

      For some reason Order toons can’t interact with doors of Destruction PQs (dunno if its the same for you guys and our PQs) so there are many PQs we can’t see the inside of. I guess if they have insides… I only assume they do.

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