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How to Expand PvP… Elf – Dragonwake

Of all the zones in Warhammer, Dragonwake always struck me as the most appropriate. While other zones represent what are provinces/kingdoms in the world of Warhammer (which by the way is suppose to be bigger than Earth), Dragonwake is in fact a small passage between Eataine and Caledor. Anyway that aside, today I explore not only Dragonwake, but the left out Isle of the Dead – a grim place that clearly needs more dead bodies.

Ah Dragonwake, land of pink trees, cascading waterfalls, martinis, and the Isle of the Dead. In a few aspects Dragonwake suffers from the same pitfalls as Caledor, its boxed in by mountains; however, it is to a lesser degree in DW. The main problem here is the story-lines kind of criss-cross but not really because they are at different elevations, so there is no really easy way to say ‘the PQs on Destro-side’ and ‘the PQs on Order-side’. In every other T4 zone the RvR lake pretty clearly divides the two realms PvE storyline – due to this issue, for some locations to be reached on my map (mainly locations on the Destro-side since the Order storyline pretty much sandwiches the RvR lake) they would have to be accessed via portals or added ramps.

A. My first location is taken from the Dark Elf portion of the PvE storyline and is the major landmark the ‘Well of Mercy’. I do not know the storyline behind this landmark but suffice to say it is important (why else would it be a major landmark) and it is strategically located overlooking the Dark Elf storyline’s march on Lothern. The ramp up to the location can be defended with proper CC usage while the site itself is more open. The greatest stretch here is reaching the location, which would require going past the Order warcamp (which can be relocated) and falling down a hill. Falling down is no problem, getting back up would be unless the slope was evened out a little more.

B. My second BO is the Dark Elf PQ “Dragonwatch Falls” which would be reached via a portal from the plateau northwest of CoF which would teleport players under the bridge just north of CoF. The flag for the BO would be located on the island of the PQ which would offer some protection from attackers, but the area is relatively open. The location itself is of prime importance because the flames atop this tower signal the waking of a dragon of Caledor – a constant vigil is kept watching the flames (keep in mind Dragonwake is part of the Kingdom of Caledor).

C. Down the road from (B) and up a hill is the High Elf PQ “Dragonwatch” which is in fact a mirror of the Dark Elf site (you can see the flame from the Dark Elf PQ in this screenshot). I took this one from farther up the hill to show the approach to the island more. You pretty much have three routes – the two side hills, or the valley down the middle. Of critical importance to the High Elves, these locations must be held by any side seeking to dominate the region.

D. South of the High Elf PQ “Dragonwatch” is the PQ “Keeper’s Watch” which is where the keepers who keep the dragonflame reside. Destruction has a PQ with the same name located in the same area but I do not know where it is (perhaps under ground?). I’ve put the focus on the Order PQ because it is accessible via the plateau northwest of CoF and across the bridge. The site itself has plenty of obstacles to split up invaders, and due to the buildings and walls it can be approached from a few sneaky ways. Placing the flag at the back would offer defenders (and attackers) the opportunity to use CC to maximum utility, as the back is a sheer drop down to the Dark Elf storyline. The two PQs could be both utilized naturally if they were connected.

E. I’ve placed this BO in the High Elf Storyline though it is neither a major landmark or a PQ. It is simply a butte at the edge of Dragonwake above the Order chapter hub ‘Gate of Sacrifice’. I like this location because access to it can be defended rather stubbornly – to approach the ramp up the hill one first has to go down a path between a cliff and a river, the ramp itself offers opportunities of defense, then one comes across the first butte, then a bridge connecting the two buttes, and finally the location depicted in the screenshot. Proper use of CC can create a stiff defense.

F. I’ve placed this BO between the Dark Elf PQ “Caladain’s Furnace” and the High Elf PQ “Khaine’s Dominion” at the major landmark of Vaul’s Anvil. This site is of huge importance to the High Elves – here the blind smiths of Vaul craft the enchanted blades of the High Elves. For the purpose of this location being  a BO I would span the bridges which are currently destroyed or remove the rubble which blocks the outer ring/pathway. For the purpose of the location of the flag, I would leave that matter to whichever side kills their champs first – and to throw a wrench in the works BOTH these PQs end with lords so the fight could get brutal. As to reaching this location – both sides are reachable via the plain south of CoF crossing into the PvE lake. While I thought of expanding the RvR bubble straight down I didn’t want to move it over those 4 BOs and not incorporate them, so for the time being I left them PvE locations.

G. Trekking over to the Isle of the Dead I put the first BO inside the Vortex. First off, reaching this map from DW would require taking portals – one to the rise at 10 o’clock and one to the rise at 5 o’clock. I’m not entirely sure where I’d locate the portals in DW, perhaps one northeast of the Destro warcamp and one southeast of the Order warcamp, but I’d like this map to have two points of access with perhaps the ‘you are immune to damage’ mechanic that existed in the Eternal Citadel scenario. While the Vortex is the entire middle of the island which I doubt many have seen, I’ve located the map closer to the Destro-side portal. crossing the Vortex itself would be a feat due to the fractured ground, but it would provide some interesting fights. For the sake of this location I would make it so that if someone was punted down the Vortex they would respawn at their respective portal.

H. My final BO is at the Order major landmark of “Saruthil’s Stand”. In the High Elf storyline the Dark Elves are destroying all the Menhir Stones which contain the powers of the eight winds spilling form the Vortex at the Isle of the Dead. Saruthil, a mighty mage, is tracked down to head to the Isle of the Dead and seal the Vortex up again. This landing is where Saruthil arrives to save the day. But if you read the whole storyline, the High Elves are fighting a losing battle the whole way – you (the Shining Guard) are pretty much the few survivors of the Isle of the Dead expedition and when you return to Dragonwake you learn that Hellebron has massacred all the blind smiths of Vaul’s Anvil. Yay?

Dragonwake is a hard map to deal with mainly because the RvR lake is primarily sandwiched by the High Elf storyline, and in order for me to hold true to my “4 Destro/4 Order new BO’s” scheme I have to make some big leaps to reach the Destro storyline in Dragonwake. The simple fact is that it was very hard and the end result was what seems to be more of a focus on Order locations (even though BOs D and F are intended to be a 50/50 split of both realms PQs).


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  1. January 5, 2011 at 6:44 AM

    Really good stuff!

    I wonder if the easier route would be to leave all the PvE stuff there but open up each zone totally to RvR like Black Crag once was. Keeping mobs around key objectives would create a need to actually fight whether there are other players around or not. Simply running up and capping a flag is kind of weak.

    Your ideas are good and other than Eataine, the Elf zones are tough to expand due to all the blasted mountains.

  2. January 5, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    I wouldn’t mind leaving the NPC mobs so long as they didn’t aggro everywhere. Every old player remembers the Order PQ ‘Gospodar Square’ in Praag and how the hostile mobs always dismounted Order players as they rode to the Graveyard, while they didn’t aggro on Destro players. Perhaps a mechanic can be introduced so that the mobs are neutral unless engaged? That or their aggro table is lower or chance to dismount players lower.

    And opening the whole lake to RvR is sound, but if there are no reasons to go there (objectives, keeps) then odds are only bullies will go there to gank someone grinding a PQ. Back in the day on ORvR servers it made sense because PQs contributed to zone locks, but now they are more or less just extra fluff material. I’m all for opening up the whole zone – just make it so there are reasons to be there other than to gank someone doing PvE.

  3. Dilek
    January 5, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    Eka, you are amazing. That is all.

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