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How to Expand PvP… Elf – Eataine

The last zone of my little project, and perhaps one of the strangest zones. Why strange you ask? Well because while every single other map in Warhammer Online is riddled with elevation obstacles to break up the storyline and divide the realms, Eataine is one huge flat zone (by flat I mean you can go everywhere, yes there are rolling hills). Also being that it has no obstacles the zone seems much much larger. Lets see if we can turn the tiny RvR lake into something more substantial.

While there are no direct routes across the two rivers/streams that confine the RvR lake of Eataine, it isn’t exactly a deep ravine not to be crossed. In fact many times in my experience the battle has spilled over the streams into the PvE lakes and people would always ask in region why there were x’s in the PvE lake (usually followed by scolding because people were wasting their time fighting and not at objectives… O.o). So I take bites out of Eataines PvE storylines – seemingly larger chunks out of Order’s, but keep in mind that Order has two chapters in this zone while destro has three.

A. My first BO is the High Elf PQ ‘Siege of Anyerrial’ which takes place in a fallen town. Placing the flag within the sanctuary at the back, the fight towards the flag would offer many obstacles and small skirmishes along the different routes. The dense urban environment seen at this PQ is seldom seen elsewhere both in the RvR lakes and the PvE lakes (especially for Order).

B. Heading west I place the second BO at the High Elf PQ ‘Well of Sar-Saroth’. While the location lacks the architectural uniqueness of perhaps other locations I’ve chosen (after all it is a High Elf location) it is a location of importance still. This location is deeper in the PvE lake and can be approached from all sides which makes it unlike many other locations I’ve chosen. It however does offer some obstacles of defense to slow the enemy or disrupt their attack.

C. Next up we have the High Elf PQ ‘Neversong’ which is surprisingly difficult… The storyline for the PQ is the Empire forces are en route to relieve the besieged High Elves of the Tower of Lysean, but the evil Chaos goons hiding in the hills ambush them and you have to keep them alive. Keeping in tune with the storyline of the PQ the passage can still be observed as a strategic resupply route. It is no less bland than some of the other BOs Mythic has given us and it can still maintain its NPC presence as the battle wages on – the tide only turned by the players. Like the Well of Sar-Saroth, this location is rather open and approachable from all sides so it would be rather difficult to defend.

D. Last up Order-side we have the PQ ‘Ceylnath Vinyards’ which produce the famous Elven Wine. This location is nearer to the RvR lake and is again very open, but its one plus is the tall vineyards which would certainly work to the advantage of short characters (I’m looking at you shammies who hide in the vineyards of Blood of Black Cairn).

E. Heading over to the Dark Elf storyline I’ve got my first BO at the PQ “The Phoenix Eye”. This tower is suppose to keep watch over Eataine and warn it of impending attacks. This location is on a slight hill so it offers a little more defense, but like much of Eataine, it is open and the fate of the battle is decided by the skill of the combatants.

F. This BO is located at the Dark Elf PQ ‘Blind Justice’ which takes place in the town of Simmersward. It gains its name from the end boss of the PQ, Eltharion the Grim – a blind Swordmaster of Hoeth. This environment is less densely packed but does offer some elevation change and structures to give the site some character.

G. Third on the Dark Elf side is the PQ ‘Follow the Light’ which takes place at the Truelight Manor. This PQ gains its importance as the point of flight for refugees fleeing Eataine to Lothern. The location offers vineyards to conceal the small, but more importantly if the flag is located at the docks, the battle can turn more defensive with proper CC usage and knocking players into the water.

H. I locate my last BO at the PQ ‘The Glittering Citadel’ even though this site greatly rubs me the wrong way. For those who don’t know, the Glittering Citadel is an island far out in the ocean guarding the approach to Lothern – much farther than the ditch/moat separating it from mainland Eataine. That aside this PQ is intended to guard Lothern and apparently if it falls Lothern is doomed. I don’t quite see the correlation between the lighthouse and Lothern, but whatever. The site is an urban environment with a few points of defense, first off the island is only accessibly via one bridge, and secondly a retreating battle could be fought through the town down to the docks. Once at the docks the fight can gain its truest form with some intense fighting around many obstacles and of course water to splash in.

Due to the open nature of Eataine, many of its BOs are in locations which have almost no defenses (unlike many other BO’s I’ve chosen in this project). While the BOs themselves do not act as zerg-busters with natural obstacles and funneling points, the zone itself should do that on its own accord simply due to its large size.

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