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How to Expand PvP… Conclusion

January 6, 2011 1 comment

Today I just wanted to wrap up my thoughts and throw in some information I didn’t include in my posts, or perhaps clarify completely.

To backtrack and clarify – my system would expand the BO count to 12 BOs (4 existing, 4 new ones from the Order PvE lake, and 4 new ones from the Destro PvE lake). While I am not dead set on having 12 BOs – I do think expanding the battle outwards into the PvE lakes is an easy solution to improving increasing the RvR experience. My goal was to turn existing major landmarks or PQs with somewhat interesting storylines and locations into BOs – sometimes maps lacked locations that fit the profile within the boundaries I allowed myself. In an ideal world perhaps one day the RvR limits would be pushed to the entire map, but I think it should be a gradual expansion. As another clarification – the PQs would still operate as PQs (minus the first stage which is always grinding ‘x’ mobs) and instead of a bulk amount of resources, it would offer resources split over a amount of bags; this way the PQs would encourage multiple players to be present as one player solo-ing a PQ would only get one bag with minimal results.

One thing I did want to add that I didn’t mention in my posts was that I think it would be neat if each BO had a specific function in regards to keep takes. The function would be best served if it was only achieved at the BO in the other realms former PvE lake. The types of bonuses I’m talking about are: extra siege weapons, extra flying mounts, a wave of assailants (ranged dps 40 heroes), a suicide black powder keg for the door, or perhaps a long range mortar –  naturally everything on a reasonable timer. Give the BOs a role in keep takes/defenses, don’t just require them to level up a keep. I think there is much room to genuinely expand RvR into the PvE lake AND by giving BOs specific functions – not functions that are required to win, but functions that give a bump to the battle. I touched on these functions a little in some of the Black Crag BOs I added which had Wyvern nests or Gryrocpoter pads. I know it was a pretty weird function, but I always thought something could be made of the ability in Thunder Valley to send out bombers, why can’t this be extended to RvR at BOs?

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