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So I sent my resume to Mythic for the job of ‘Producer of Expansion Ideas that Work’ but they mailed me back the ashes of my resume and told me to mix it with my tears, cement my feet, and jump in a lake. Well your plot failed Mythic, because you didn’t tell me the right ratio of tears and the jello mixture dissolved in the lake! So I did the next best thing and applied to be a core tester, however unlikely that prospect is. Andy has already locked the thread and stated he received hundreds of applications which I think is good, it is a sign that at least hundreds of people still care about the future of the game.

Moving into the realm of theory-crafting which Mythic loves so dearly, we can draw some conclusions from this recent move by Mythic. First off I would assume the core tester population is not immune to the regular menu of diseases which attack gamers and cause them to quit (the My-Class-Got-Nerfed Syndrome, the Boredom Disease, Mesothelioma, the No-New-Contentitus, etc.) so I can only reason that the population of core testers has diminished and its ranks need refilling. Secondly I would assume that the call for new bodies to send into the slaughter can only be linked to new content that needs testing. Now I use the term ‘new content’ very loosely here, while the prospect of actual new content does exist, I am banking on the testingĀ  consisting of old content in a new fashion.

As for my theory of what they could possibly test? Well I can see a few things which need tweeking and have been mentioned – mainly Thanquol’s Incursion and forts. Forts have been on the tongue of everyone for a long time now and Mythic said they were suppose to come back with 1.4 but I guess they ran out of time to test their function in today’s Warhammer world. Simply put, forts cannot exist in the current state that keeps do. NPCs have to exist to stop the zerg, because right now the zerg is dominating across the board and forts use to be the only thing to check it. I do not feel like making forts instanced like the city will work either – far too often I end up in cities that are grossly imbalanced. Lastly forts use to be difficult for a few reasons: stackable aoe (fixed), pets (i.e. squigs) pulling lords down to the first floor (fixed), guard spawns on steroids (O.o), population caps and stability associated with this (hopefully fixed), and fort lord wards.

This last point is the main one of contention. Before few people had the wards to fight in the fort, but now everyone is in supreme wards because Mythic hands out sovereign like candy. While it makes sense to just stick the same wards (greater) on fort lords, it seems obsolete with the RR90s in Doomflayer running about. Either way my bet is on forts being what is on the slate for testing and whatever new mechanic will be employed for them.

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