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Expanding Existing T4 – Empire v. Chaos

January 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Today I begin my last thread of how to expand the PvP experience in T4. There is one opinion that might as well be declared fact and inscribed in stone and that is – People want to fight and kill other players in new places. WAR has been out for going on 2 and a half years and we still are contained in the same 9 T4 zones + 2 cities. We did get LotD about a year into launch, but the zone had no RvR elements in it, in fact it locked out one realm at any given time so fighting there cannot be sustained. There are several approaches to expanding this arena into a larger field which I have approached –

  • Adding a new racial pairing and by default three more T4 zones
  • Add the missing capital cities (I incorporated them as high end PvE instances, but they could always be done as PvP)
  • Expand existing T4 RvR lakes into the PvE lakes

Naturally adding a whole other pairing is the hardest task. Adding the remaining cities would be a difficult task depending on the state they were left at when they were pulled out. Expanding the RvR lakes would be seemingly the easiest of the options. But there is one more solution which is probably at a scale of difficulty between the cities and expanding the RvR lakes in existing maps, and that is to expand the T4 Campaign. Read more…