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Expanding Existing T4 – Dwarf v. Greenskin

Today I present my expansion to the Dwarf v. Greenskin pairing!

One of my peeves with the Greenskin v. Dwarf T4 campaign is that Karaz-a-Karak is bypassed (by a lot) to hit KV even though it lays pretty much right in between TM and KV. The two zones I’ve added try to narrow this gap between TM and KV and bypass Karaz-a-Karak more so it makes sense to go so far to the north to hit Kadrin Valley (it never really will, but hey).

  • The northern-most of the two light blue dots is Mount Grimfang, formerly known as the Dwarven Hold of Mount Silverspear, which lay along the Silver Road connecting it to Karaz-a-Karak. Not only is this location strategically placed in the realm of the war against the Dwarves, but the map offers rich history and potentially great scenery. On one end you can have the fallen Hold of Mt. Silverspear – a vast network of dwarven chambers carved into a mountain, and on the other side the Dwarven defenses holding the Silver Road, a narrow pass snaking through the Worlds Edge Mountains. Not to mention beyond the Worlds Edge Mountains towards Mt. Silverspear are the desolate wastes of the east offering little protection from the elements.
  • My next location I’ve thrown around the area of the Iron Rock and Mad Dog Pass – an area heavily infested with greenskins and night goblins. The Iron Rock is a heavily defended greenskin fort while Mad Dog Pass use to be one of the main roads connecting the Dwarven realms to the eastern mines, but now it is just a vast network of night goblin tunnels. The Iron Rock has a lot of potential into becoming a large orc fortress a top a mountain adding some elevation variety to the battlefield, while the northern face of Mad Dog Pass (which is closer to Karaz-a-Karak) could have a stronger dwarf ranger presence, as the rangers lead a guerilla war against the night goblins.
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