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What happened to the Underdog…?

A year ago with patch 1.3.3 Mythic introduced the Underdog system – an incentive and way for the weaker realm to bounce back. This coupled with the introduction of AAO a couple months ago produced great incentive for the ‘underdog’ realm to fight back. And then 1.4 came along and now I wonder why Mythic put so much time and work creating a system that actually worked and received very little complaints about, only to scrap it a year later. Now the only purpose the Underdog rating serves is to see just how much one side is bullying the other – and I have little reason to doubt that if the ratings went beyond +/- 3 then on some servers the ‘underdog’ realm would in fact be well into the double digits. On my server for example, Destruction pushes the city 1-2 times a day, while Order hasn’t been in the IC for weeks; given the 24 decay time on Underdog points I would bet that Order would be more like +13 than just +3.

Yesterday I finished a short series of posts about adding two new zones into the existing T4 campaigns to elongate them because they simply move too fast (and new scenery would be nice). A general trend you will see from many if not most players is that 1)The T4 campaign moves too fast and 2)We want new places to fight at. How could one incorporate underdog into the current system of /stare-at-the-door-hammer, well perhaps the Underdog rating could directly influence the amount of resources a resource carrier has. I can’t really see anything else that would meaningfully affect the T4 campaign because when you’re zerged, you’re zerged.

As a side note, I am of the belief that some version of AAO should be carried over into scenarios and cities. When the opposing realm locks its last pairing for the city and we have 400% AAO, you know that there will be uneven city instances. The same goes for scenarios that are 8 on 12 which are technically not considered imbalanced, while the difference is not vast, one cannot argue that the outnumbered realm stands a fair chance.

When your realm has trouble filling scenarios, cities, or simply RvR lakes there has got to be an equalizer some where. In RvR lakes we have AAO, but that only lasts until your realm gets pushed into the city. Something’s got to balance the fight at all times.

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  1. VonPP
    January 15, 2011 at 4:39 AM

    The fact is mythic have no clue as to long term strategy. They just make up the campaign as they go along. The underdog system was like you said very well received now it is gone and funnelhammer rules. If they had given this any thought then they could have tied the underdog system to the AAO system so that having an underdog point would give you an extra 50? or 100? to your AAO. Not exactly wild but would get the underdog out to fight.

    Mythic waste resources on AFKers instead of incentivizing actual play. Mythic think that people AFK in the zones because of the sweet sweet stream of renown that washes over them. They dont. They AFK because you get more renown doing that rather than getting endlessly spawn camped in scenarios. You dont get that much renown from AFKing but you get alot more than from pugging in scens.

  2. Dilek
    January 15, 2011 at 9:05 AM

    Haha. I feel like that sad puppy half the time we’re in the lakes. I have yet to discover any way the outnumbered realm can fight against the zerg by gorilla tactics or by being sneaky/clever. I miss that ability more than I can say, especially when we know we are going out to die again and again. I know Destro complains that Order on our server has all the sweet sweet AAO, but I find that for most players the near constant state of losing is not improved by the fact we have AAO. I definitely miss the times when underdog actually mattered, almost as much as I miss the days when we could break up the zerg by stealing a bo.

    • Schmoptimus Prime
      January 20, 2011 at 11:27 AM

      Totally agree Di. I miss those days of stealing a Bo with seconds to spare. How about a nerd debuff of some sort for the serving faction. Or how about the side with lesser numbers get some mobs on their side. Maybe if you are 12 defending a keep against 50 then the keep would spawn mobs or something AI to help thin the Zerg. Maybe Karls fireball from the sky?

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