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The Need for T5

January 18, 2011 7 comments

Yesterday I wrote about the growing divide between casual and hardcore players, as the latter progresses farther in the renown ranks and dons far superior gear. My conclusion was simple – there needs to be a divide in T4. The current bracket of RR40 (theoretically) to RR100 is massive; there is no realistic way for a RR40 to take on an RR100. There have been many suggestions as to amending this gap mainly about reshuffling the tiers into renown brackets instead of level brackets (I believe someone had it at T1=RR1-15, T2=RR16-30, T3=RR31-50, T4=RR51-100). While this suggestion would work, I’d prefer to modify it.

In Eka’s world, the Tiers would be shifted to a renown cap focus with level caps naturally for Tiers 1 and 2. Tier 1 would be RR1-18 (Full Obliterator is RR17); Tier 2 would be RR19-30  (Full Devastator is RR26); Tier 3 would be RR31-49 (First piece Anni is RR31, Full Conq is RR45); Tier 4 would span RR50-70 (Full Invader to full Warlord); and Tier 5 would be RR71+ but itself divided into three RvR brackets (RR71-80, RR81-90, RR91-100). So more or less the brackets would be divided by renown armor sets and their accompanying scenario weapons. Players over RR70 could return to T4 since this would remain as the main campaign, but they would see diminishing returns in terms of stats and renown gain (their stats would not exceed that of full Sovereign gear). If they wanted to fight to their fullest potential and reap full renown they would venture to T5.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “But Eka, Mythic doesn’t even have the resources to give us 12 character slots per server, how would they ever manage to construct a 5th Tier…?” Well the solution is simple (hopefully a temporary solution until a permanent T5 could be constructed). T5 would not exist in new maps, but would rather turn the campaign around. One thing most players agree on is that there is so much wasted space set aside for PvE, and most people who still play WAR are not here for the PvE so it is indeed wasted.

Previously I expanded the T4 scene into the T4 PvE lakes, and now I propose to do the same to the lower tiers. So you will recall I said T5 would exist in three brackets (RR71-80, RR81-90, RR91-100), well these brackets would coincide with Tiers 1-3 – we’ll say the ‘Sovereign’ bracket in T3, the ‘Doomflayer’ bracket in T2, and the ‘Warpforged’ bracket in T1 – so it is a reverse progression. In these tiers the PvE lakes take up almost 80% of the map, if not more, so there is ample room for expansion. Naturally a system could be implemented for the actions taken by the T5 troopers to affect the ‘home tiers’ they are located in – something balanced as to not make the zerg of T5 dictate the terms of T1-3.

Ah I can already hear the voices of dissent again “But how will my low level toons level without our PvE lakes??” Fear not, in my version a system would be implemented so both things could exist at the same time. T5 would take large portions out of T1-3, yes, but significantly large portions would remain for low level toons to gain experience. Also the PvE mobs would exist in a smart system where their level would be determined by the person attacking them (much like the event mobs in the cities which upon being attacked are an appropriate level to the attacker). Players of the ‘home tier’ would not be able to flag themselves for RvR in the T5 lakes and could safely execute quests and public quests without fear of being caught in the line of fire.

Naturally I will follow the same model I used for my T4 expansions and transform key locations via major landmarks and public quests into BOs. However, because no keeps exist in the the wilderness of T1-3, a system would be introduced reminiscent of the olden keeps with lords and champions – the T5 lords would be the chapter hub Rally Masters, and their guards the denizens of the chapter hub. In this way difficult objectives to take and defend would still exist, but doorhammer would not exist. Upon killing the Rally Master, the attackers would be rewarded and the zone locked down temporarily while the Rally Master revived (say a 30m lockdown on the Chapter hub) and for the sake of the low levels doing quests, yes they would still be able to interact with the fallen body of their Rally Master. In fact(!) as a motivating factor, the players of the lower tiers could be given some sort of a experience bonus for aiding in the reviving of their Rally Master (via quests and kill quests) – so he could either be naturally revived in 30 minutes, or the players could turn in quests to raise his HP (however the Chapter hub would still be on lockdown despite the Rally Master being revived sooner by lower tiers – as to prevent a cooperative farming system by both sides).

Over the next nine days I will tackle the various maps of these pairings to show where I would expand the T5 scene into. Hopefully I can illustrate a version of T5 which is both plausible and could separate the high renown ranks from the low renown ranks in T4.

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