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‘Sovereign’ T5 – Dwarf T3

January 20, 2011 1 comment

Today we bring the fight to the Dwarf v Greenskin T3 zones – which are split up in a fashion that saddens me. All the cool locations in BFP (for Order) are in the Destro storyline and vice versa for the Greenskins. While other zones have 50/50 splits in terms of realm PvE storyline per map – for the Dwarves and Greenskins its messy. To complicate matters, all the BOs and Chapters hubs in the Badlands are Order and all the BOs and Chapter hubs in Black Fire Pass are Destro. One thing I wanted to mention that I forgot to say yesterday and was asked of me today was about low levels entering the zones to fight with the big kids (something we see in T4 often with people going into the RvR lakes as level 12s or whatever) – players in the T5 RvR lakes would only be flagged for RvR IF they met the minimum renown requirement (71 for Sov, 81 for DF, 91 for WF) otherwise they would just be normal guys killing mobs and would be unable to flag themselves, much like players in the respective tier. Additionally, players of the appropriate renown bracket (or above) would be flow instead to a chapter hub in the zone, not its warcamp (Chapter hubs under siege would be closed to flights in). For this particular pairing Order would have to use its WC inĀ  BFP since no Chapter hub is used, and Destro would use the Badlands WC since their chapter hub was not used in the Badlands.

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