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‘Sovereign’ T5 – Dwarf T3

Today we bring the fight to the Dwarf v Greenskin T3 zones – which are split up in a fashion that saddens me. All the cool locations in BFP (for Order) are in the Destro storyline and vice versa for the Greenskins. While other zones have 50/50 splits in terms of realm PvE storyline per map – for the Dwarves and Greenskins its messy. To complicate matters, all the BOs and Chapters hubs in the Badlands are Order and all the BOs and Chapter hubs in Black Fire Pass are Destro. One thing I wanted to mention that I forgot to say yesterday and was asked of me today was about low levels entering the zones to fight with the big kids (something we see in T4 often with people going into the RvR lakes as level 12s or whatever) – players in the T5 RvR lakes would only be flagged for RvR IF they met the minimum renown requirement (71 for Sov, 81 for DF, 91 for WF) otherwise they would just be normal guys killing mobs and would be unable to flag themselves, much like players in the respective tier. Additionally, players of the appropriate renown bracket (or above) would be flow instead to a chapter hub in the zone, not its warcamp (Chapter hubs under siege would be closed to flights in). For this particular pairing Order would have to use its WC in  BFP since no Chapter hub is used, and Destro would use the Badlands WC since their chapter hub was not used in the Badlands.

On to the pictures!

Today we begin our journey in the Badlands, an exotic map with much of its treasures hidden from the eyes of Destruction players. Because only one Destruction chapter exists on this map and it shares 2 of its PQs with Order, I have opted to take all the BOs and Chapter Hubs from the Dwarf storyline. The nature of the PvE lake also tends to make a one way path so to alleviate this issue I have chopped off the northern edge of the T3 RvR lake and added it to the T5 lake so that there is an alternate route from east to west.

A. The first BO I have taken from the Dwarf storyline is the PQ ‘Savage Assault’ which consists of waves of savage orcs (native to these lands) assaulting the invading Dwarves – there’s a change of the general theme to WAR for you. The site is rather open, but it does have one or two large tar pits  and it also abuts the T3 RvR lake for some fun chicken-punts.

B. The second BO for this map is the Dwarf PQ ‘The Cauldron’ which has a sad story indeed, the evil greenskins are boiling dwarves alive =(. The end fight for this PQ, and ergo BO, are atop the mountain by the cauldron and thus offer defenders a strategic advantage. The area itself encompasses a village down below which is accessible via a rope bridge – another chokepoint for the defense.

C. Third is the Dwarf PQ ‘Troll Island’ – home of Tru =O. The island is mainly accessible via a single bridge (though the brave can try the river) and its small size and high elevation can give the defenders a advantage with proper CC. The end boss is within a small cave on the island so while this is a rather desperate position to hold, it can be defended in a staunch retreat.

1. Here we have a shot of the Dwarf Ch 11 Hub Copperstone’s River Crossing, which would act as one of the ‘keeps’ to capture. The island is surrounded by the river and navigating the treacherous waters while fending off defenders and NPCS would prove a difficult task indeed.

D. Returning to the progression of BOs we have the Dwarf/Greenskin conflict PQ ‘Revoltin’ Gobbos’ (oh how I wish all of WAR was conflict PQs). The village offers plenty of obstacles to grieve both the offense and defense. The site is also elevated so it offers opportunity to send foes to a great flight. And when you’re done dominating T5 you can enjoy Mount Gunbad!

E. Fifth in line is the Dwarf PQ ‘Putrid Tar Pits’. The location is in a valley so while punting people over cliffs may not be an option, the tar pits offer natural snares for those who do love their punts. The site has plenty of tar pits and Mourkain ruins to split up forces and slow the onslaught. If my memory serves me right, the end boss for this PQ is also a lord.

F. I’ve located the sixth BO for the Badlands at a site that is neither a PQ nor a landmark. This area pertains to the Dwarf quests and is (to me) strategically located as a giant monolith jutting out of the river looking over Doomfist Crater. The position dominates the surrounding countryside and does offer scouting of movements out of the Destro warcamp, but be weary because there are no railings on this big boy and the swim will leave you out of combat for ages.

G. Swinging back up north we have the Dwarf PQ ‘Skullbreaker Ridge’ which is a Greenskin camp in a small depression. The location is a defensive folly  since it is surrounded by mountains from which the enemy can rain fire down upon the defenders. Alternatively if the defenders choose to set out perimeter scouts the fight can take place on the mountains and once again offer the opportunity for CC to win the day. Although I suppose the defenders could also hide healers in the gobbo huts and turtle inside. Oh the options…

2. The second Chapter hub for the Order is Ironbeard’s Assault, the Chapter 14 town. The site is heavily defensible from the east, but is rather open form the west (this screenshot is facing the west). I like the big wooden tusks =)

H. The eighth BO I’ve chosen is once again neither a PQ nor a major landmark. I don’t know what the surface area is called, but the caves underneath are the Bloodgash Caves. This site to me screams epic gobbo ingenuity and I mourn its lack of use (even as a PQ – you only do some quest here). The platforms clinging the edges of the cliffs are proper CC heaven and if one was to use the entire network of this complex and stick the BO flag down at the bottom of the ravine, then you could have a complex defense/offense first across the stone bridge across the ravine (seen to the right of the screenie) and then down the mountain path and across the flimsy platforms, followed by the fights through the descending caves, and finally at the ravine floor.

I. Ninth on the Order-side is the Dwarf PQ ‘Bloody Savages’ (who are assaulting Ironbeard’s Assault). This location while near the Order Chapter hub could be easily defended by either realm, perhaps moreso by Destruction. It is accessible either by this narrow wooden bridge, or by two rear gates to the east. The camp itself has towers (oh how I wish we could climb into those), hills, huts, the works. Certainly a great location for the assault on Ironbeard’s Assault.

J. Last up on the Badlands list is the Dwarf PQ ‘Black Orc Slog’ named for the evil Black Orcs which are gang-pressing the dwarves into forging weapons for them. Evil Black Orcs! The location is only accessible by a single bridge (theme for the Badlands, right?) – I’m not entirely sure you can climb the embankment at the river. While this location is an Order PQ, it is virtually in the pocket of Destruction due to its proximity to the Destro WC and its heavily defensible nature – the bridge, the towers, the hill overlooking the bridge, the structures cluttering the cave entrance, and of course the cave where the end boss is.

Heading up north we take the battle to Black Fire Pass. Once again, like the Badlands, because this area is predominantly the Greenskin storyline and hidden from prying Order eyes, I have chosen to make all the BOs and Chapter Hub objectives taken from the Greenskin storyline. Order T5 players would zone in at the Warcamp and while I understand that they would have an unfair advantage on this map in comparison to the Badlands, I think it’s something most players can forgive. Also before anyone comments on the constraining nature of the path between south and north, clever minds can swing east and slip down the mountain behind the Greenskin PQ ‘Kolaz Umgal’. In order to prevent warcamp farming of the Order Warcamp I would simply put super strong siege weapons pointing down the path to dissuade Destro from camping that path. On to the locations!

K. While first for my Destruction locations, the Greenskin PQ ‘Kolaz Umgal Scouts’ was actually last on my list… The site is pretty open and difficult to defend (aside from the trees to break line of sight) and to me it lacks strategic importance; however, in order to not stretch the T5 RvR lake out too much and for a more well rounded approach to the next two BOs, I chose this location. Can’t be perfect all the time.

L. Next up of the Greenskin-storyline locations is the major landmark Ancestor’s Reach. For this particular site I would locate the flag at the base of the monument, thus allowing the defenders some defensive opportunities as the attackers came up the side paths. The site is difficult to defend, but I believe there are some cannons atop the crest to help with defense. Tactically the site overlooks the Greenskin Chapter 14 hub.

M. The third site I’ve taken out of the Greenskin storyline is neither a PQ nor a landmark, it is a simple dwarven forward outpost. The location is particularly defensible because it has cannons facing the only approach and is backed against a cliff. And when you’re done taking it you can go do a lair that might be near here… >.>

N. Forth up on the Greenskin side is the PQ ‘Blight Favored Cult’.  I like this location because the site is a mess (as it should be with all things Nurgle). Though barren, it does have those Chaos circle/portal things and its close proximity to the Chapter 14 hub gives it some importance.

O. Shuffling south and through the mountains we enter the PQ ‘Priesterstadt’ which is a small Empire hamlet for pilgrims to the Sigmarite temple. I actually love the Alpine/Swiss nature of this site plus the train that passes above. The location is both important and defensible – the pass to it is narrow and long offering room and time for a tactical retreat which can turn to victory in the buildings. Certainly an area where outnumbered defenders can prevail given proper tactics.

P. Next up we have the Greenskin PQ ‘Sigmarite Temple’ again tucked up in the snowy alpine mountains of Black Fire Pass. This is suppose to be the site where Sigmar triumphed, ooh-ah. For a hidden super secret unlock… roam around here. I was actually gonna stick a BO at the end of the hidden trail but then it wouldn’t be so secret anymore, would it? That and people would tell me I’m stupid for sticking a BO in the middle of the T3 lake. Maybe I’ll change my mind O.o Once again a neat Sigmarite temple with narrow access, a boon for defenders.

Q. Lucky number 7 goes to the Greenskin PQ ‘Altstadt’ right next to the Chapter 13 hub Gorthug’s Chew, which is a key capture point for this map. The location of the town and the proximity to both the warcamp and the Chapter hub can make it a key battleground, not to mention is is literally the hub for traffic going between the three southern BOs, two western BOs, the Chapter hub to the east, and the narrow valley connecting it to the north. Poor Altstadt, peace would not reside here. But oh would the blood flow! If you want something to compare it to, I’d say Festenplatz in Nordland.

R. I’m going to venture a guess here and say this is among my favorite locations in the Dwarf storyline. This is the conflict PQ ‘Grimbeard Station’ and oh how I wish there were more conflict PQs and more ppl conflicting over them (in the early months these sites were so tense and contested!). The site itself would be impossible to defend because it can be approached from all sides, but oh would the battles here be grand. The different elevations of the station platforms and rail offer great obstacles to split up assailants and should the choo choo arrive, you’ve got another huge obstacles splitting up the forces (lets hope you and your team get caught on the same side!)

S. Ninth up of the Greenskin BOs we have the PQ ‘Statue of Inspiration’ of Lord Thardrik. I don’t know who this guy was but he obviously had a small statue of him here and a massive one just to the left of this. While the site isn’t terribly defensible, it sure is pretty!

T. The last BO taken from the Greenskin storyline in Tier 3 is “Thardrik’s Smashin'” which is this fellow Thardrik’s town which is apparently populated by young and very old women O.o. While I do not know the end boss’s location, the town offers multiple opportunities of defense from the cluster of structures to the left to the gate and single building on the right. No definitive choke-points, but a mobile small group of defenders can lead the assailants in loops while reinforcements arrive; it certainly has enough obstacles to make for a fun kite-fest.

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    January 25, 2011 at 4:04 AM

    these are such good idea’s!

    they should make you warhammer’s producer, that is if you dont play xbox to much like sombody else

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