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‘Doomflayer’ T5 – Dwarf T2

Today I take the Doomflayer battle to the realm of the Dwarves and the Greenskins. These maps posed the same problem I had in the Badlands and Black Fire Pass – the majority of the T2 Dwarf storyline is in the Marsh of Madness while the majority of the Greenskin storyline is in Barak Varr. The solution was to place all 9 of the MoM BOs in the Dwarf storyline and have both the chapter hubs taken from the Dwarf Storyline, while in BV all of the BOs are taken from the Greenskin storyline. For the Marsh of Madness the Destruction T5 players would operate out of the standard warcamp, while in Barak Varr the Order players base of operations would be the Chapter 7 town. On to the locations! Can you find all the hidden SamuelJacksons?

For the Marshes of Madness I’ve decided to use the Dwarf Chapters 6 ‘Murdogh’s Hold’, and 9 ‘Oathhold’ as the Chapter hubs of key importance. Because the RvR lake is right in the middle of the zone, there is only one road connecting the north-west to the south-east, and unfortunately it goes right by the Destro Warcamp. For the purpose of this project I would reduce the aggro table of the warcamp guards.

1. The first chapter hub of Order in MoM is Murdogh’s Hold tucked in the North-west corner of the map. I would consider relocating the Rally Master to the mouth of the cave so this BO could be slightly more defensible.

A. The first BO I’ve chosen for this lake is the conflict PQ “Battle of Blood Fen” – I thought it the most fitting PQ to be the first for this map. The site is very close to the Destro chapter hub, I would consider lowing the aggro table of the guards so that this site could be more fully a conflict site.

B. The second BO I’ve chosen is the ‘Assault on Coal Ridge Depot” PQ which is an interesting little site. The edges of the PQ are an elevated terrace circling the depression in the middle that held the dwarven supplies. Past the elevated terrace is a semi-moat giving this area a slightly defensible quality. There is also tons of scenery on site to add to the obstructive-zerg-splitting nature of the BO.

C. The third site isn’t one that is a location of particular interest or strategic importance. It is instead a rather swampy location with plenty of Mourkain ruins, twisted trees, and of course undead. The road running through the PQ is slightly elevated above the swamp terrain making it the primary ground to hold, as it is the ‘high’ ground’ however the size of the PQ will lead to less pleasant areas to fight.

D. Last on the western side of the map is the PQ ‘Axerust Peak’ tucked high atop a mountain. This location is unique because access to it is limited to one tunnel through fallen trees. Then to reach the final battle of the PQ one has to ascend a twisting path up the mountain. Plenty of buildings for healers to hide in, and lots of room for a defensive retreat.

E. Tucked in the north-east corner of the map is the next location, “Dam Boglars”. The fun part about this site is that the  main road is above the PQ, and one has to descend into it to fight for it. While I am typically adverse to fighting in pits, because why would one try to defend from the bottom, this site is at least important in the sense that the dam is needed for the dwarves oathgold harvesting efforts, and the site has plenty of water to help with snares.

F. The second side on the eastern portion of the map is a non-descript location which I am particularly fond of because it is located in the twisting rivers and mountains of the Marshes. While the west is flat, the east is mountainous with rivers running through it. Not only is this site central in the exotic lands of MoM, but it also offers a unique location that can be approached from many directions, but at the same time fiercely defended by a small elite squad.

G. Third on the eastern side is the PQ ‘Tree of Beards” which actually has a sad story with it – the ‘leaves’ of the tree are dwarven beards and dwarven heads hang from it – a great grudge indeed to insult the dwarves in this manner. Aside from that the location is both deep in the mountains of MoM offering great fights up to it, but it also consists of an island surrounded by water – so the choice is yours. Do you fight on the road and risk a trip to the ravine and a long swim up? Or do you fight by the tree and face perma-snares in the pond?

2. Here we’ve got the second Order chapter hub ‘Oathgold’ which straddles the road from the south-eastern marshes to the mountains above

H. Eight up in MoM is the most epic location this swamp has to offer – The Tower of Neborhest. Not only is the site secluded and requires traveling through some harsh terrain to reach (through swamps and up mountains) but then you get to the actual site and have to battle your way up that tower. Close quarters, spiraling cobweb-filled staircases AND a vampire lord! Can you hold off the enemy while battling a vampire lord…?

I. My last BO for MoM is rather plain – its a large stretch of swamp with ruins, trees, undead, and stagnant mosquito-filled water. However, this stretch of ground happens to also face the Order chapter hub ‘Oathgold’ which the enemy wants to take. The chapter hub can only be assaulted from two sides – from the west where it is more densely defended, or along the southern side where it is thinly defended. Take this BO and the south is that much more vulnerable.

Taking the battle north we enter the gobbo-infested realm of Barak Varr. One of the greatest shames of WAR is that the Dwarves have no say in the fate of this grand port. Well that’s about to change. While the path from J to R is more linear, I’m hoping that the labyrinth of Barak Varr will help mix things up a bit. I’ve located the chapter hubs of key importance at the Greenskin chapter 9 hub ‘Mobash’s Place’ and chapter 8 hub ‘Port of Barak Varr’. Order’s base of operations would be their Chapter 7 town. Careful when looking for the SamuelJackons of the Port of Barak Varr… they may not be what you think they are.

J. My first location from the Greenskin storyline is the Ironrock Point Lighthouse. This structure acts both as a beacon for incoming ships and as a distress signal – currently fulfilling the later function. I would have this BO act directly in the assault on the Port of Barak Varr – if the forces of Order can take it and hold it then they will be greatly aided in the siege within the dwarven port. The location is on the sea (naturally) so a proper defense can make great use of this.

K. The second BO I’ve taken from the Greenskin storyline is the PQ ‘Long Drong and the Slayer Cove’. This site is only accessible via a gap in the mountain and then requires one to battle down the ramp to the ship – plenty of opportunities for a grand defense. Then you get to take the battle to the ship and cave, all the while fighting blood thirsty slayer pirates and the enemy. Certainly a site with ample opportunity for defense.

L. My third site is the Greenskin PQ ‘When the Ship Hits the Sand’ which is also located just south of the Greenskin chapter hub Mobash’s Place. We have here a beached ironclad pitching a desperate defense, but placed in a location that can bring some strategic bombardment on the greenskin encampment on the hill above. The site is a little crammed with the hill to the north and the sea to the south so its bound to get messy.

M. Next up is a site just north of the PQ ‘Grundadrakk’s Wharf’ – a destroyed portion of Barak Varr where the tunnels have collapsed and the buildings are aflame. Access to this location is primarily via the PQ and its winding corridors and small chambers. The actual site is a little more open, but getting there is the challenge. As a defensive  plus (or offensive depending on how the defense plays it) there is a ramp just to the right of this location from which ranged and healers can support the combatants on the ground.

N. Fifth in line is the PQ “Fall of Firebrew” which takes places in the brewery of Barak Varr. A small location which is heavily defensible, but should the battle take place outside you’ve got lots of crates and kegs to jump around and of course the water of the port. Certainly not an easy location to assault.

O. The last BO within the Port of Barak Varr is located upon a ship within the harbor (not sure which ship it is). This fight can quickly become a mess with some slippery footing leading to a swim – and the only way out of the water is up the ramp by the ‘Grundadrakk’s Wharf’ PQ. South of this ship is the chapter hub which is one of the key contested sites of Barak Varr. I’ve also included a shot from the Sky Bridge of Barak Varr which is one of the alternate sneaky-hidden routes into Barak Varr.

P. This BO is neither a landmark nor a PQ, but nonetheless I consider it a vital site. This tower overlooks both the secret tunnel to the sky bridge and the main tunnel to the Greenskin Chapter hub, AND its got a pretty nasty canon battery defending it. Why this site didn’t get more of an important role in the PvE storyline I shall never know – but it is clearly strategically placed.

Q. The eight BO I’ve chosen is the PQ ‘Burn Rock Tower’, an important rally point for the gyrocopter shipments of Burnrock to the defenders of Barak Varr. Although the tower’s already taken a battering, the site is still crucial in the defense of the port and some careless fighting can lead to chicken-punts.

R. The last BO I’ve chosen for Barak Varr is the conflict PQ ‘Bar Dawazbak’ which is the gate of Barak Varr. Holding this location can prevent reinforcements from the south to reach Barak Varr. The site is located close to the Order base of operations so it is intended to be a strong position for the forces of Order, holding back the possible assaults of the Greenskins from the south, however should it fall the forces of Chaos can ravage the lands around Barak Varr and beat it into submission.

Did you find all the SamuelJacksons?

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