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‘Doomflayer’ T5 – Elf T2

For the final installment of the ‘Doomflayer’ T5 we venture into the realm of the Elves. Oddly enough these are probably among the two most desolate zones in the game – the Shadowlands because everything is in ruins, and Ellyrion because its open rolling plains. That being said it was pretty difficult to find key locations of interest to fight over, the solution created very elongated maps – particularly in the Shadowlands. Going for 9 BOs per map and one chapter hub I had to opt for the 4/5 and 5/4 splits but that shouldn’t be to grave of an issue. Onto the locations!

We begin the battle in this portion of Ulthuan in Ellyrion. I’ve chosen to use both the chapter 9 hubs (Goldmead for Destruction, and Reaverspring for Order) as the key points of interest as both are centrally located. In Ellyrion most of the interesting locations are on the Destruction portion of the PvE lake (imagine that) so I’ve placed 5 BOs on that side and 4 on the Order side.

A. My first location is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Town of Berhessa’ tucked in the north-western corner of Ellyrion. The site, like much of Ellyrion, doesn’t offer much in terms of defense. The plaza of the location is a rather small area, but the surrounding country is rather open. Can you find the hidden Tru?

B. The second location I’ve chosen from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ “Monument of Narialle” which is among the most defensible locations in this region. The site is only approachable from the east up the mountain path and is located atop the mountain. The hero for this PQ would be located on the island surrounded by water seen here. This provides both the opportunity to snare enemies as they battle in the water, or send them over the mountain into the rivers. There be two Destro varmits in this one, can ya see them?

1. Here we have the Destro chapter hub of Goldmead, as seen from the mountains behind it. The town is in a particularly defensible location as it is backed by mountains and has a river with a single bridge to its east. Its most open location is on the western side, if the forces of Order are willing to circle around. Two Destro goons surprised me and got in my picture.

C. My third location is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Reaver’s End’ located at the major landmark ‘Fortress of Korhandir’. This strange structure which hardly resembles a fortress is mainly approachable from the south through a gateway. If this gate can be held then the location can be dubbed as defensible, however if the attackers push beyond the gate you’re looking an an open enclosed plaza where the only way out is death or victory. Do you see the two Destro villains?

D. This location is neither a PQ nor a landmark, although it has a name which is revealed in the quest-line, but since I did the quests 2 years ago, I don’t remember it. The first screenshot is from the Dark Elf side, and the second is from the High Elf side. This set of gates divides Ellyrion in two, and I’ve chosen as the only access point between the two lakes. I’ve placed the BO on the Dark Elf side so it is more central between the two chapter hubs, though due to the importance of this passage I would foresee much conflict over it.

E. My last location from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ ‘Tor Elyr’ which is the capital of Ellyrion. The scope of this site is huge, massive even, and due to this fact it has the opportunity to host some large scale battles – as it should. Mythic has opted to place the capital on an island  only accessible via three bridges (or a swim) which provides the opportunity for a stiff defense; however, due to the size of this area it would be impossible to try and hold the whole perimeter. This be the last of the Destro presence in Ellyrion.

F. Shifting to the Order side, our first BO is a random greeksin encampment by the fallen town of Starbrook. This encampment sits behind the Dragon Gate (see it?) so it has some strategic significance. I have absolutely no idea why this location exists in the PvE lake (perhaps it was originally intended as a group grind spot?), but strange fact for you – there exist several heavily defended locations in the High Elf storyline which are filled with champions and heroes – yet no PQ or quest takes you here. The peninsula the site sits on is reached by a single bridge and the greenskin for itself is rather defensible. I would give this location an important role on the assault of the Order chapter hub.

G. For my second Order-side location I’ve chosen the PQ ‘Allies of War’ which has nothing of strategic importance. I chose this site instead because it consists of a mountain with twisting passes as the assailants strive for the top (where the screenshot is taken) for the end goal. The passes have plenty of small greenskin huts where defenders can wait in ambush while their scouts sit safely out of range atop the mountain. Even at the top the location is a miniature fortress, so it can be defended quite well.

2. This is a shot of the High Elf chapter hub of Reaverspring. The site can be easily defended from northern onslaughts as it can only be crossed by a single bridge spanning the river. It’s most vulnerable side is the southern side which coincidentally is where the enemy is most likely to attack from anyway. As a defensive plus however, the Rally Master is located deep within the tower seen here, so the defenders can technically retreat and turtle in there.

H. Third for Order is the PQ ‘Shady Tower’ which is actually called the Tower of Milurien. It’s not called shady because it offers much shade… but rather because some shady artifacts be hidden within it. The tower sits on an island so it does offer plenty of defensive opportunities as the enemy tries to ford the river, and the site itself is littered with ruins for some zerg-busting.

I. My last site for Ellyrion is neither a PQ nor a landmark; it is some Reaver temple/shrine you visit in the storyline but I’ve forgotten its name (you get to fight a bone giant in it though!) I’ve chosen this location primarily for that reason also – its off the beaten path deep to the east of Ellyrion across a river and beside the ocean. It is a unique location for Ellyrion and clearly has some spiritual purpose for the Elves that inhabit this region.

Heading north we enter the dreaded Shadowlands. The High Elves hate it, and I am sure most players would too given this T5 expansion into it. Before the Bloom & HDR patch this was the darkest zone in the game, where the branches and bushes had a higher kill:death ratio than the monsters within it. Now it has been drastically brightened up, and I miss the days of darkness. For this map I’ve located four BOs on Destro-side and give on Order-side. This map posed plenty of issues because finding points of interest was pretty hard since everything is pretty much ruins – the natural points I wanted to include were the two gates at the bottom of the map, and the two chief ruined cities at the top of the map. This created a very long RvR lake which I hope people will forgive me for, which they probably wont once you’ve tried to navigate this terrain. I’ve made the two Chapter 7 hubs the points of interest – Ralkuth’s Return for Destruction and Skyblade’s Hold for Order. Also to ease the transition from east to west on this map I’ve lobbed off the northern half of the T2 RvR lake since no one ever goes there anyway for T2 and in T5 it can widen the passage between the halves of the map.

J. The first site taken from the Dark Elf storyline is the Ruins of Anlec, which if you recall from your High Elf lore is where Malekith and his mother started their Cult of Pleasure and located their palace, and it was here that the civil war of the elves began. So with that in mind this site is of crucial importance to any battle between the two Elven factions (every invasion, the Dark Elves land and fortify Anlec), and it is for that reason I hope people forgive me for choosing a site so far to the north. The site has tons of rubble and ruins to split up players and prevent an AoE zerg-ball.

K. My second location is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Ruins of Nagarythe’ located on the landmark town of Serynal – a testament to the history of the Sundering. The Dark Elves are here to gather artifacts for evil purposes – the High Elves are here to gather artifacts for the greater good! The site sits on the coast so it offers that option for CC, and it is also littered with… you guessed it! Ruins and shattered trees! If the enemy doesn’t kill you, the bushes will.

L. Third up is the Dark Elf PQ ‘Salvaging Supplies’ or ‘Dawn’s Early Light’ (I don’t know which it is because I have no Destro and gamepressure.com uses both). The tale is of Dark Elf ships getting what they deserved – Destruction by the hands of the Lothern Sea Guard. The battle takes place along the sea in the scattered pointy Dark Elf ships (which are perhaps more lethal than the branches in this zone); however, the sea is located downhill from the main road so it is not exactly a position on wants to defend for long.

3. Here we have a lovely shot of the Dark Elf chapter hub ‘Ralkuth’s Return’, and my what a dashing job he did with the place. Pity it has to be destroyed. As you can see this is a super-defensible location. It never was easy to kick the blasted Druchii from the Shadowlands.

M. Last for the Dark Elf tale of woe is the ‘Griffon Gate’ PQ, which itself is suppose to be a super defensible location, but the battle for it takes place in the open. Fear not, there is plenty of trash in the way to make you trip and stumble and cry, no zerg fest taking the Griffon Gate. Shot one is of the outside, and shot 2 is of the inside leading to Ellyrion. Is that a Tru I see? and a green deer…?

N. Moving to the far north of the High Elf storyline is the PQ and landmark ‘Mirelen’ which is a super important site for the High Elf storyline. Amazing how those stone towers are still aflame after all those centuries… The site offers the regular slew of obstacles one sees in the Shadowlands, but the center is pretty open with the key artifact that is being fought over, the Ark of Saruthil.

O. I’ve chosen this location (the High Elf PQ ‘Broken Spirits’) not because it conveys any importance in the Shadowlands, but because it is an elevated chunk of terrain straddling the central crossing of the T5 zone. Holding it means controlling traffic of who goes east to west and west to east. Can you hold the high ground?

P. Third for Order is the High Elf PQ ‘Forgotten Future’ sandwiched between the landmarks of Dread Lake and Elbisar. These side locations offer buffers for the central location of the BO and act as barriers to this location – anyone trying to reach this BO from the north or south will first have to fight around the banks of Dread Lake or in the ruins of Elbisar. The site itself has plenty of ruins to deal with, though the central fight is in the open plaza.

4. Here we have the High Elf chapter 7 hub of Skyblade’s Hold as seen from its only assault-able side. On the west it abuts the T2 warcamp so assault from that side is impossible, and the north and south are some pretty steep hills with dead vegetation forming makeshift walls. While this isn’t as impressive as it’s Dark Elf counterpart, it is equally daunting.

Q. Forth for the High Elf storyline I’ve chosen the PQ ‘Preemptive Strike’ not because of its defensible location (which it heavily qualifies for) but because it is so deep in the mess that is the Shadowlands that I grin with the thought of invaders trying to find this place. From the north it can be reached via a small path jammed between a mountain and a crater; from the west it can be reached through narrow passes between broken mountains, and from the south through a mess of more broken terrain. Approach this location with extreme caution and not with haste if you want to succeed.

R. And last for Order is the PQ ‘Dragon Gate’ which is a natural must for the fight over the Shadowlands. Like its Destruction counterpart the Griffon Gate, the battle takes place outside the actual gate (why the High Elves left it open is beyond us all) but is spread over a large mess of ruins, rubble, and dead vegetation.

And so I conclude the Doomflayer Tier5. To sum up and clarify – each map has 9 BOs and 2 Chapter hubs, for a total of 18 BOs and 4 chapter hubs per pairing (down from 20 BOs in the Sovereign Tier). BO heroes and Chapter-hub Rally Masters drop Doomflayer crests and the pairing is intended for RR81-90 players. Tomorrow we begin the final journey of the Warpforged Tier5, taking the battle back to where it all began…

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