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‘Warpforged’ T5 – Empire T1

Time for the beginning of the last leg of this journey. Today we enter the realm of the Empire v. Chaos T1 pairing and reshape a portion of it for the purpose of a T5 battleground for players who are RR91+, and what better place to duke it out than where it all began. Because the maps in this tier are so small, I have reduced the amount of BOs down to 6 per map, but have kept the amount of chapter hubs at 2. In these small maps the battle will be smaller, more frequent, and more fierce. Let’s take a look at the sites.

Our fight for T1 begins in Norsca. This map has 6 BOs, three from Order and three from Destruction. The two chapter hubs which act as key points of interest are the Chaos Chapter 2 ‘Sorcerer’s Axiom’ and the Order Chapter 4 ‘Gotland Advance’.

A. The battle for Norsca begins in the Destruction storyline over the major landmark of Thorshafn. This forsaken village must know that it has not been abandoned to the forces of Chaos. The site is not only extremely important in the tale of WAR, but it has the opportunity of being a grand battleground with its shattered buildings and muddy streets.

B. The second location I’ve taken from the Chaos storyline is the PQ ‘Holmsteinn Revisited’ which takes place in a village that Tchar’zanek has ravaged before. The site sits on the western edge of the map atop cliffs overlooking the Sea of Claws. The location with its ruined buildings, burnt out vegetation, and proximity to the ocean would no doubt prove to be a heated location of conflict.

C. Last of the Destruction locations is the Chaos PQ ‘Suderholm’ which consists of a sea-side village of norsemen who are being pressed into service for the Raven Host. This site is perfect for the high caliber players who have earned their way to RR91 as it is a location absolutely littered with obstacles and objects to break line of sight and the ocean is right there for some help with the snares. So you’ve got skill eh? Take and hold Suderholm!

D. My first Empire location is probably the most epic T1 PQ I know of, the Empire PQ ‘Pit of the Forsaken’ located in the  town of Gotland. Not only do we have a large scale dense urban environment, but at the center of it all we have this large pit with pools of putrid festering water. Woe unto ye citizens of the Empire, for if you do not stand up to the Raven Host, this fate awaits you.

E. The second BO taken from the Order storyline in Norsca is the Empire PQ ‘Ulfenwyr’ which is a village below the town of Gotland. The area consists of a narrow valley sandwiched between the mountains and the bluffs of Gotland. A tight space filled with houses of a village, not terribly kiter friendly, but certainly a zerg-buster.

G. My last BO in Nordland is the Empire PQ ‘Alter of the Bloodbane’ located in the Gotland forest. I’ve chosen this site primarily due to the dense forest environment to add a mix to the other 5 locations which are all urban or semi-urban.

2. I’ve included a screenshot of the Order chapter hub of Gotland Advance, which is primarily a windmill with little defense. A feature of T1 Empire is that the Chapter hubs are not defensible to any degree, so victory banks entirely on the skill of the combatants, not the fortifications or natural obstacles which funnel the enemy into the defenders.

Heading south we enter the first Empire province to suffer the attacks of the Raven Host – Nordland. This map has three BOs taken from the Empire storyline, and three from the Chaos storyline. I’ve located the key chapter hubs to be contested by the RR91+ players at the Empire Chapter 2 hub ‘Gray Lady Coaching Inn’ and the Chaos Chapter 4 hub ‘Authun’s Host’.

G. The first site I’ve taken from Nordland is the Empire PQ ‘The Norse Are Coming!’ which consists of a long stretch of beach being assaulted by the invading norse ships. The site is only accessible via a ramp from the hill above, though there are plenty of rocks and slopes for ranged classes to hide and support from afar. The main battle would take place on the beach and thus require the surest footing of the combatants, lest they go for a swim.

H. The second location I’ve chosen in Nordland is the Empire PQ ‘Ruins of Schloss von Rubendorff’. This site mixes a few of the elements favored by me – thick castle walls, natural obstacles in the form of trees and boulders, a splash of water for some snares, and a large environment with room for maneuvering but small enough to split apart the zerg. Will there be an ambush waiting for you behind that crumbling wall…?

I. The last location taken from the Empire storyline is the PQ ‘Pillager’s Approach’. I’ve chosen this location not for its artistic uniqueness or peripheral location on the map, but rather because it is a defensible location at the crossroads of the two storylines. Shabby palisades are enough to hold back the enemy if the defenders are determined.  Not only that BUT this site is right by the T1 RvR lake and smack in the middle of the two warcamps AND by the Hunter’s Vale entrance. Why is this important? Because the central location of this BO means its going to produce some heated fights and who is going to be watching? The little guys in T1. And they will look on in awe and dream of greater glory in T1. Think of this as the best advertisement you can throw at new players =P

J. The first location taken from the Chaos storyline of Nordland is the PQ ‘Pillage and Plunder’ which takes place at one of the iconic windmills of Nordland. The site is located a bit off the warpath so it probably wont receive much action, but should it, it has plenty of obstacles via carts and walls to add a twist to any fight.

K. Second up for the Chaos locations is within the PQ Salzenmund, with the emphasis being on the urban environment of the actual town. This site is amazing due to its sheer scale, especially for T1. The town is bigger than most you see in later tiers and it is the most complete setting possible decked out with its own dock, cemetery, inns, fields and windmill, armory, and of course keep. The town is a layered defense and access to this BO would require bypassing either the three outer rings, or sneaking through the back way. Your first ring consists of the men-at-arms manning the cannons along the road, then you’ve got the bridge over the waterway, and the third ring is the first set of walls. That’s just to reach this BO. And then you got to fight through the twisting streets where the enemy can be lurking behind any corner or in a building.

L. I’ve located the last BO within the premises of the Salzenmund PQ at the landmark of the Salzenmund Keep. While I realize that some may find this too close to the ‘K’ BO, I think for this reason this will make this location all the more heated. First you fight past the cannons, then you fight across the waterway, then through the outer walls. You’ve secured the town but what about the keep? You push on past the first castle gate into the courtyard of the Nordland regiment, then you press past the second castle gate into the noble courtyards, then past the keep towers into the keep courtyard. Dislodging the enemy from one location can mean the loss of the other. Who will be the master of all of Salzenmund?

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