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‘Warpforged’ T5 – Dwarf T1

Today we take the RR91+ journey to the land of the Dwarves, infested by the bloody Greenskins. We enter the realm of Mount Bloodhorn and Ekrund. In lore, Ekrund has already fallen; in WAR, Mythic has given Ekrund a second life! Despite the small size of these RvR lake, so much space is wasted in mountains and undeveloped portions of the map. For this reason it was very hard to choose locations to fight at, in particular the Greenskin storyline is terribly cramped in these zones and finding locations that were spread out was very difficult. Hopefully the result I produce spreads the fight out enough to not make the zone tight and cluttered.

The battle for Dwarf T1 begins in Mount Bloodhorn! For the key points of interest I’ve chosen the Dwarf Chapter 4 hub of ‘Skalfson’s Watch’ and the Greenskin Chapter 2 hub of ‘Da War Maker’. Due to the small size of both this zone and Ekrund I’ve kept the BO count at 6 per map, though even that felt like a stretch.

A. Starting in the Dwarf storyline, the first BO I’ve chosen is the PQ ‘Traitor’s Watch’ for two main reasons. First of all most players have no idea how to get here, no road leads here on the map and because so few people do PvE they probably never bothered to find the hidden (yet visible) way. Secondly the site stretches the entire peninsula and from its point of access the fight can take on many elements. Should someone get punted into the river then they’re in for a tough swim out, as the edges of the riverbank are sheer.

B. The second location I’ve chosen for a BO is the landmark ‘Forgehand’s Workshop’ which is the typical Dwarven tower overtaken by the forces of evil! This site doesn’t play a huge role in the storyline, however I chose it because it is tucked up in the corner of the map and the other PQs for this chapter of the Dwarf storyline didn’t scream ‘important site to be contested’. This BO elongates the RvR lake in what would hopefully be a positive manner.

1. Here we have a view of the Dwarf Chapter hub which would be the key contested point. The site is protected on its northern front by the river and the southern access is primarily through the skeleton of the dragon. Though not entirely a defensible location, it has its advantages.

C. I’ve cheated here and located my first ‘Destruction BO’ at the contested PQ of the Kron Komar Gap. It is a Greenskin PQ after all… just not exclusively Greenskin. This site in my mind is a key point along the map because it is an important crossroads between the two storylines – in fact the only direct connection between the two. While the site is an open plaza with some obstacles to stumble over, getting to it requires navigating twisting canyon roads that cling to mountain sides and traverse canyons.

D. The last BO from the Order storyline is the major landmark ‘Gran Thewn Watch’. I’ve chosen this site for the same reasons as BO ‘B’ – it is a fringe location that extends the map to an important site that has both defensive potential and a control over the lay of the land. Also with some clever navigation and outdoor trekking this site can be used as an access point to the backdoor of the Greenskin storyline.

E. The second location I’ve taken from the Greenskin storyline is the PQ ‘Ironclaw Camp’ which is a small Greenskin fort along the road from the Dwarven town of Komar and the Greenskin starting area. The site is both defensible and it is a key site to observe the movements of the Order forces to the north.

2. Here we have a wonderful shot of the Greenskin chapter 2 hub ‘Da War Maker’ which although not in a defensible position itself, it can be preemptively defended along the narrow roads leading to it. However, any lack of natural defenses is made up for with the many obstacles laying about the site.

F. The last BO for Mount Bloodhorn, which is taken from the Greenskin storyline, is the major landmark of ‘Snouts’ Pens’ which abuts the Greenskin chapter 1 area. For this location I would push back the champions farther up the hill and leave this area open for contested T5 combat. This site was chosen mainly due to a lack of other sites of importance in this small PvE lake; it however is still important and defensible so it earns its place in the realm of T5.

We move west to the land of Ekrund (which kinda sorta is actually south-west of Mount Bloodhorn, but whose looking?). The major problem with this map is that so much of it is wasted to evil clouds of doom and mountains of despair and a ravine of hopelessness. Because the Greenskins only have one chapter in this map I was left little choices in where to locate the chapter hub and the BOs taken from the Greenskin storyline. While Order has two chapters in this location, I wanted to avoid dipping too much into the Chapter 1 area so the wee little dwarves can level in peace (or pieces). I’ve located the contested chapter hubs at the Dwarf Chapter 2 hub ‘Redhammer Brewery’ and the Greenskin Chapter 4 hub ‘Gorgor’s Smash’.

G. The first location I’ve pulled from the Dwarf storyline in this zone is the PQ ‘Durak’s Gate’ which is a secondary gate into Ekrund (the primary one being in the T1 RvR lake between the two BOs in this zone, in case you missed it… there’s also a hidden scroll laying on its steps if you missed that…)  This is certainly a very important location in Ekrund as it guards the entrance to the besieged Dwarven  Hold of Ekrund. The site is situated along these stairs which have plenty of Greenskin siege equipment about them and would prove a fun fighting ground I would imagine.

H. The second location from the Dwarf storyline is the fantastic PQ of ‘Engine Number Nine’ which never made it down the Chicago Line. Dwarven trains are awesome, there simply aren’t enough of them in the game, so I’ll take a ruined/derailed one. The site sits just below the Durak’s Gate PQ and next to the Dwarf Chapter hub so it could prove a heavily contested site. Tactically speaking it is a bit of a messy location with the destroyed tracks, the felled trees and the derailed train. Oh and it has a giant =O !

3. Here we have a shot of the Redhammer Brewery which would act as the Order chapter hub for this zone. These buildings are rare in the world so it is fitting that it is a heavily contested location (you don’t mess with Bugman’s Best). While the site lacks exterior defenses, breaching the doors will prove to be a very difficult task indeed.

I. I’ve located the last PQ from the Dwarf storyline at the Chapter 1 area at the major landmark ‘Ancestor’s Watch’. My initial inclination was to stick it inside in the Pick & Goggles, but I didn’t want to go too deep into the Dwarf starting area – by popular consent this could change. The site is located beyond the Order chapter hub so taking it will be Destruction’s greatest task, and ergo should reap the greatest rewards. To reach this site Destro would first have to sneak past the chapter hub, then battle through a tunnel, followed by battling in the open area east of the ravine, then possibly the fiercest battle on the bridge over the ravine (oh the punts!) and finally a retreating battle all the way to the flag (which I would place at the mouth to the cave). Would it be a bloody massacre, absolutely!

4. A short hop and a skip away from the Order chapter hub is the Destruction chapter hub of Gorgor’s Smash. Mindless Greenksins only know how to smash… not how to love and cherish. The site complements the defensive nature of Redhammer’s Brewery magnificently; although the site is assault-able from many sides, they are very far apart and splitting ones forces for a chapter hub assault isn’t advisible. Secondly the site precariously hangs over the crater below providing ample opportunity for combatants to send their enemies to the depths.

J. Our first Greenskin BO is the PQ ‘Goldfist’s Hole Recovery’ which takes place in the massive pit of Ekrund. The site presents plenty of obstacles and a tiered set-up to make any offense and defense all sorts of complicated. Its proximity to the Greenskin chapter hub will make this among the hardest areas to take and hold for the forces of Order in this zone.

K. I’ve placed the second Greenskin BO in the minor landmark of ‘Njorisson’s Tomb’ not because the site struck me as particularly important or strategic, but primarily because it was the best way to elongate the RvR lake and not locate all the BOs around Goldfist’s Hole. While access to the location requires traversing the rim of the pit, hopefully the site provides its own unique nature separate from the greater contested struggle over Goldfist’s Hole.

L. The last site I’ve taken from the Greeksin storyline is located at the ‘Brooktoof Camp’ PQ, with an emphasis on the tower overlooking the pit. The site is sufficiently far enough from the Greenskin chapter hub to not be considered “In Destro’s pocket” but clings to the rim of the pit allowing for strategic battles to ensue.

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