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‘Warpforged’ T5 – Elf T1

For the last leg of our T5 journey we go to the realm of the elves, the place where my journey began – the Blighted Isle and Chrace. These two maps differ significantly from the battle for one main reason – they are significantly larger. Where much of the Dwarf T1 maps are lost to mountains and the Empire T1 map lost to ocean and mountains, the Elf T1 zones have less terrain lost to undeveloped oceans/mountains. For this reason I have opted to increase the BO count in these zones from the typical 6 per map I used in the Empire and Dwarf maps to 8 per map. The change isn’t large, but opens up the arena into a larger battleground over more locations.

The fight to push the Dark Elves back into the sea (where they belong) reaches the start of its final phase in the mountains of Chrace. As I stated earlier, due to the large size of this map and the numerous locations which are important and would make great BOs, I’ve increased the number of BOs for this Warpforged pairing by 2 BOs. I simply couldn’t decide which places to leave out, so we fight for more! The key chapter hubs for this zone are both of the Chapter 4 hubs, “Malagurn’s Charge” for the forces of Destruction, and “Cliffs of Ushuru” for the forces of Order. The key problem with this map is that there is only one point of access between the two halves – the hills east of Tor Achare. However, I doubt it will pose much of a choke point due to the sheer cliff to the north – any prolonged battle here will lead to punts and one damn long swim.

A. The first location I’ve taken from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ “Gon’Seraph”. This small hamlet lays at the northern border of Chrace along the coast separating it from the Blighted Isle. The location offers some defensive opportunities in the narrow road leading to it and in the cliffs behind it.

B. The second BO I’ve taken from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ and major landmark of ‘Tor Achare’ which is the capital of Chrace – by this fact alone it is among the most important locations in this Kingdom. The location was wonderfully designed, and would provide a fantastic battle ground for the armies as they clash. It’s proximity to the Destruction chapter hub would make it a heavily contested site – as it should be. The location has plenty of obstacles to make for interesting fights – from the pools of water in the courtyard to the Eagle Claws.

1. I tried to get a good angle of Malagurn’s Charge, the Destruction chapter hub, but it proved difficult as a High Elf… imagine that. The site is pretty defensible with its walls facing Tor Achare and its back protected by the river with its steep banks. The most realistic assault would be to take Tor Achare and push up the road that runs north to south.

C. Third from the Destruction storyline is the major landmark of Thanuil’s Retreat. The site is located in the middle of the map hugging the mountains but is in a defensible position as access to it requires crossing two bridges and then fighting through the ornate terrain. It is also divided into three parts by the river which can help the defenders in their defense.

D. The last site I’ve taken from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ ‘The Stone of Valetear’ which is a menhir stone – for those who don’t know the menhir stones are more or less corks containing the eight winds, without them Ulthuan would be ripped apart. In that regard the site is very important and is the first menhir site I’ve used from all the Elf PvE lakes, so it should prove unique. Although the site lacks natural defenses, it compensates for this by covering a large open area far away from both factions chapter hubs.

E. Shifting to the High Elf storyline our first location is the PQ ‘Thrallseekers’ located in the town of Yenlui. The towns entire population has been enslaved and its buildings and trees put to the torch. The area of the town covers a moderately large area though it is broken up by elevation differences. The back of the site hugs the cliffs which fall to the ocean below so careless play could lead to unsatisfactory consequences.

F. Second for the High Elf storyline is the site which initiated this whole thought process of expanding RvR into the PvE lakes, Elisia. This site has always been what BOs should have looked like in my opinion – a layered town with strategic importance, in this case its docks. The area is divided into three districts (I tried to capture all three with the shot from the cliffs above) but fighting through this town certainly has the potential to reach grand proportions, particularly because if the model of using the PQ phases as the BO champ/hero encounters the ‘second’ phase of the PQ consists in holding the different districts, only then would the hero emerge. A true test of coordination to hold this fractured site.

G. Third for the High Elves is the PQ and major landmark of the Blackwood Hill Garrison, which is the garrison of Chrace. The besieged site looks over the central point which would be the key access point between the two storyline’s so holding it could equate to managing who crosses over the passage. Additionally the site controls the back-road access to the Order Chapter hub for this map so it gains even more importance. A walled complex great for observation would certainly be a priority for any realm wishing to dominate Chrace.

2. Here we have a screenie of the High Elf Chapter 4 hub ‘Cliffs of Ushuru’. From the north the site is only accessible across a bridge over a river with steep banks, making that position heavily defensible. Technically the site is most vulnerable from the south or east, but considering one would need to pass this location to reach either the south or east, the only true path of assault is the back road through the mountains from the Blackwood Hill Garrison.

H. The last location from the High Elf storyline is the major landmark of Lyriana’s Repose. I chose the site primarily for its defensible position – it is on a quasi-island accessible via bridges (though theoretically one could swim the river here). Secondly the site, primarily a retreat of sorts, has tons of trees, bushes, and benches to add to some fun twists to the fights here.

Shifting north to where the invasion of Ulthuan began by the Houses Ulthuan and Arkaneth we enter the Blighted Isle. I’ve located the key chapter hubs for this map at both the factions chapter 2 locations – “Akrana’s Storm” for the forces of Destruction, and “Adunei” for the forces of Order. The main problem with this map is accessibility between the two halves of the map. While a slope exists between the two halves west of the ‘O’ BO, access to the maps would require scaling mountains and falling to the other side where possible ambushes could lay waiting. Considering this is the Blighted Isle torn asunder by Malekith’s ill will, I have little problems people having to battle the terrain and the enemy players. The fight for Ulthuan was never meant to be easy.

I. The first BO of the Dark Elves is the most important structure to the House Uthorin (the Dark Elf faction) because it is the Black Ark from whose belly they emerged. For this location I would shift all key NPCs down the ramp to the beach and leave the structure and the ramp of the Ark as the key points of contention. Oh how I wish we could fight within that beast, but if we can’t fight in it, we might as well get to fight by it.

J. The second location I’ve chosen from the Dark Elf storyline is the PQ ‘Spires of Narthain’ which I believe consist just of the Tower of Narthain (as on the High Elf storyline the town of Narthain is referred to). The location has the usual High Elf accessories of trees, benches, fountains, etc. so its not a site for the zerg to roll over. Also the final boss is a dragon!

3. The Destruction chapter hub of Akrana’s Storm is in a defensible position with its access being limited to either the bridge across the water, or the path around the river clinging to the mountains. Either way the combatants will have to be aware of their surroundings as the fight could send them swiming.

K. The third location taken from the Dark Elf storyline is neither a PQ nor a landmark, but rather an open site with lots of griffon nests east of the Mistwood Grove PQ. I’ve chosen this site for two reasons, first and foremost I wanted to chose a site a little bit farther away from the Dark Elf chapter hub, as it is very central and most of the BOs are very close to it; and secondly because the site is essentially a peninsula with its three sides being sheer drops down to the waters below.

L. Last for the Dark Elf storyline locations is the town of Nimosar which lays on the south side of the Dark Elf chapter hub. The site is pretty open to attack, though the battle will take place in the tight quarters of the town. If this town can be taken by the forces of Destruction it can act as a further southern buffer to the chapter hub. If Order can take the town then they will have an important launching point for the attack on the chapter hub.

M. Swinging north we take the battle to where it all began for the High Elves of olden days. Here we have the ruined town of Calumel just outside the High Elf Prelude. The town is split into two halves by a river which is spanned by a few bridges. Access to the town would require battling ones way through the forest to the east. The battle in the town itself would require maneuvering across the rubble and ruins and avoiding the cliff edges.

N. Second from the High Elf storyline is the chapter 1 PQ ‘House Arkaneth’ which is where the invading forces of the Dark Elves from the House Arkaneth begin their onslaught. This site is referred to as the town of Narthain which the Spires of Narthain were suppose to warn of invasion – apparently both failed to avoid the Dark Elves. The location is approachable only via a single staircase (seen in the first screenshot) which has been fortified by the Dark Elves of House Arkaneth and the BO site has the usual slew of obstacles. Most importantly the fight takes place on the ramp of one of the vile Black Arks!

4. The Order Chapter hub of Adunei is possible among the most defensible locations yet of all the chapter hubs. Although it is accessible via many sides, realistically the forces of Destruction can only approach it from the south-west or the south-east. The south-west approach would require the combatants first to take the BO of Lacorith and then battle along the narrow path sandwiched between a river and a cliff, then they would have to battle over a bridge. The south-west approach would require scaling a twisting road up a mountain to the town of Adunei which siege weapons pointing down the paths and no way to hide your movements. Then the battle through the town itself could take on bloody proportions. Even should the forces of Destruction be present on the northern approach, that approach is down a steep path with the possibility of being punted to the ocean below.

O. Third for the High Elf locations is the town of Lacorith south of the chapter hub of Adunei. The town is split up into a few portions, though it will be the main access point for the forces of Destruction into the Order storyline making it a key battle location. The town is snuggly placed between a river to the north, cliffs to the east, and the ocean canal to the south. Also of key importance, the town has a secret orb located within it that can teleport players to the cliffs below opening up the invasion for the forces of Destruction.

P. The final location for the Blighted Isle is fittingly so The Ruins of Erraneth, fitting because it is a ruined temple of Khaine. The location is the perfect battle ground for high level players with its ruins straddling the narrow street that passes through it. Not knowing where the enemy lurks, just passing through this site can cause some tension. Under no circumstances will you want to go chasing that shaman or sneak off alone in this complex of tumbling walls.

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