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Wrap-up & A look Ahead

January 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Today marks an end of my second mini project of expanding the RvR fight into the PvE lakes – this time I took on the approach of separating the high RR players from the little guys, with the intent of both giving newer players a fighting chance in T4 (and thus an incentive to play on) and to give high RR players the opportunity to fight in new locations. Population concerns were brought up regarding the viability of such thinned out tiers with the games population numbers so low. While I understand the concerns – I do not feel that we will be getting any more new players in T4 as time goes on because it sucks getting raped as a Anni-clad trooper by someone in Doomflayer or Warpforged. In my maps I tried to illustrate locations which had something of value either in terms of lore or defensibility. While it wasn’t something I delved into, a system could be implemented where the fight in T5 would influence the outcome of T4.

Moving past my T5 Parasite project we enter the present and future. Finally the annual Mythic Holiday of Thanksgiving-February has been broken. Read more…

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