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Wrap-up & A look Ahead

Today marks an end of my second mini project of expanding the RvR fight into the PvE lakes – this time I took on the approach of separating the high RR players from the little guys, with the intent of both giving newer players a fighting chance in T4 (and thus an incentive to play on) and to give high RR players the opportunity to fight in new locations. Population concerns were brought up regarding the viability of such thinned out tiers with the games population numbers so low. While I understand the concerns – I do not feel that we will be getting any more new players in T4 as time goes on because it sucks getting raped as a Anni-clad trooper by someone in Doomflayer or Warpforged. In my maps I tried to illustrate locations which had something of value either in terms of lore or defensibility. While it wasn’t something I delved into, a system could be implemented where the fight in T5 would influence the outcome of T4.

Moving past my T5 Parasite project we enter the present and future. Finally the annual Mythic Holiday of Thanksgiving-February has been broken. A few days ago Steve Engle gave us a list of changes being made to the healing archtype. I personally do not feel qualified to comment with certainty on these changes – but from what I’ve gathered from my friends who play healers full-time these changes are not so hot. The reduction in the 2.5s burst heal cast time does little considering you can heal one person for ‘x’ or perhaps use a group heal and heal 6 people for ‘x’ – the value doesn’t change or in the case of a Runi you can throw two insta-casts and still out-heal what you could have done in your ‘burst’ heal. While I think the change to the cleanses is good, most other healers dislike it because they are losing the insta-cast ability of it (helping them when they were kiting). I still remain unconvinced that the cleanse change is negative. The reduction in the Runi/Zealot morale was in my opinion perhaps too drastic.

Most importantly we are missing the big piece of the pie – whats happening to the DoK and WP? You want my theory? Of course you do, you’re still reading. I’m gonna call a nerf on 1k1, perhaps a mirror of the nerf for WPs, and a nerf to the WP group cleanse (because w/ the reduced CD on cleanse, WPs could essentially keep cleansing to completely neutralize DoT-damage classes) and in my opinion this would be a low blow indeed to the WPs. What I really would like to see addressed with the DoK is their dps. I cannot tell you how many scenarios and cities I’ve done where half  of the enemy population was melee DoKs – melee DoKs with pocket healers. Things are getting rather absurd. The dps/survivability combo of this class far exceeds what I would call was its original intent. Front line healer? Ok. Front line dps-healer-quasi-tank…. not so ok. And the ass-munches get a range snare while the WP gets a ‘you can melee-snare Bob if he is cursed’. Why doesn’t Mythic just give DoKs boomerang daggers with a 100 ft range. And their chalice can get block too. There you have your Swiss Army-Archtype.

As for Mr Engle – are the healer changes the extent of class balance for 1.4.1? What happened to the ‘Guard needs shields’ mentioned before but boo-hissed out? When will you finally address the gaping imbalance between Physical and Magical RDPS? Whose job is it to address the new skaven skins and the miracle killing Death Globe and Kamikaze Warlock Enginneers, or the mile-high jump & stealthing Gutter Runners, or the useless Pack Master? And whose job is it to address the invincible MDPS defensive sets? I certainly hope the healers aren’t the only classes getting attention these days.

The big revelation today was of the January Producer’s Letter written by James Casey (Carrie is probably testing Rift). Is it actually big? Well no, nothing was actually revealed. I lied. Is it filled with hope for the future… eh depends on how you read it. Mythic has for far too long been trying to balance what they reveal with the fears that if they reveal too much then people are upset when the expectations are not met. However their secrecy has backfired on them because the community is a little tired of the lack of communication and these top-down patches done with no consent from the community. The past actions of secrecy-patches literally make me dread the ‘great changes we’ve got planned for the future!’ “Ooh ooh what could they be?! Lizardmen pets this time?! I wanna ride a giant pterodactyl!” No, this kind of patching doesn’t flow with me. But let’s see what Mr. Casey did say…

  • Account entitlements revamp so they don’t come in the mail and get deleted – ok good way to hold onto the money you’ve taken with the gimmicks
  • Redoing scenario line-up which is something I asked for on my Christmas wish-list so yay me. However, Mythic has somehow erred in judgment thinking people liked Maw of Madness. I’m a little worried where this may go. The current perma-line-up isn’t bad, it just grew stale after a year. If anything I’d toss Lost Temple of Isha and Caledor Woods because the single flag generating resources drags those scenarios out too long, and Emblem Factory… I mean Reikland Factory because it ends too fast. If the mechanic for Maw of Madness isn’t changed it’ll just end up being another Reikland Factory but far less enjoyable. If I’m going to theorize here, then I’ll say I have an inkling that the scenarios which never made the Weekend Warfront reappearance may be in the new perma-line-up which extends heart-warming invites to Gromril Crossing (a mirror of the Battle for Praag mechanic) and Reikland Hills (a mirror to the old Blood of Black Cairn mechanic)…. and a not so heart-welcoming reception for the missing Grovod Caverns and Thunder Valley. Those two can stay gone for all that I care. I’m also dreading the possibility of one of those small-ass scenarios making it to T4 (Gates of Ekrund, Ironclad, Eternal Citadel, & Mourkain Temple). If I’m gonna throw my vote in this upcoming scenario election for the new line up in T4 here it is – Nordenwatch, Serpents Passage, Gromril Crossing, Reikland Hills, Phoenix Gate, and Dragon’s Bane.
  • Vague mentions of expanding existing areas and features with new concepts. Again… vague hints at the future worry me. Last time Mythic promised us Skaven we got crap, furry crap.
  • Eight live events (lets see the set-in-stone Night of Murder for Valentine’s Day, Wild Hunt for Anniversary, Deamon Moon for Halloween, and Keg End for New Years) That leaves four new ones. That’s promising I suppose, depending on what they usher in.
  • Paid name changes – about time, but hopefully paid with in-game gold. Don’t milk people for money for something that should be free, because let’s be honest if someone wanted to change their name they could have server-transferred twice for the same result.
  • New pets…. ugh baby dwarves for Destro and baby screamers of Tzeentch for Order? Try to do something lore-appropriate…
  • More ways to personalize our characters…. like new faces/hair for Dwarves and new faces for Greenskin? The Elves and humans got three new faces and hair-dos with the WAR in Korea launch, what happened to the Dwarves and Greenskin? Or was Mythic just so sure that the Korean’s wouldn’t mind the existing ugly looks those two races have?
  • ‘Server Population Monitoring’… why don’t you just say what we all know you mean. Server mergers.

Thank you for your communication James Casey, I’m sure your reward in heaven shall be great. If you want to appease Eka and his friends, I have a modest list of demands I started December 13th. Highlights are – fix PvE loot tables, increase Doomflayer/Warpforged gold-bag droprates (2 for 24 ppl sucks, especially when the RR34 in Devastator gets it), LotD opening, and address the crappy boring nature of ORvR – please consider removing these changes from T2 and T3 entirely. Farming resources in those tiers only makes players hate the RvR experience that much sooner in tiers which already have population issue. Oh and let us hit the stupid doors again.

You want my true theory of whats slated for 1.4.1 and its launch date? I’m going to place my bets on the return of forts and this patch will launch the week of February 7th (probably the 8th since they patch on Tuesdays) to coincide with the annual Night of Murder Live Event which pairs up with Valentines Day. There you have it!

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