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Where’s the love for the Alt-aholics?

Back in the Q&A pre-1.4 someone brought up the age old request (as in since November 2008 when the Black Guard and KotBS came out) that we be allowed to make 12 characters per server because… we would like to try out all 12 classes and not have to play 10 on one server and 2 on another. We asked, Carrie said ‘Oh I didn’t know people wanted that’ (probably because the only class she likes is the DoK) and she made a note in her phone or whatever to up the character amount to 12. Well… here’s my @Mythic – whats the status on those 12 character slots per server? I saw no mention of it in the Producer’s letter and that would at least be welcomed as progress in terms of Community-Mythic communications.

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  1. January 30, 2011 at 11:48 AM

    It’s always confused me why they haven’t gone 12 chars per server and reduced it down to 2 U.S. servers…I guess there could be some programming things that make that impossible.. I dunno.. but it always seemed like an ideal thing to do.

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