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Mirror Mirror…

February 1, 2011 6 comments

Today we got an update for the DoK/WP changes found at this post. I personally am none to happy with the changes not because I view them as a nerf/buff to either class, but rather because I view these changes as Mythic’s attempt to further erase the differences between mirrors. Classes were unique through their subtle differences, such as tactics and a few abilities that were different, yet remained closely linked by their common mechanic. It makes me upset to see that Mythic is taking steps to appease the “but they have this that we don’t” cries by destroying the uniqueness of the classes. Instead of adjusting an ability so it isn’t as overpowering or unfair, they just give the desired ability to the mirror and remove the ability that was in its place. Dear Mythic, please stop making exact mirrors. I like that my class has something things my mirror doesn’t and that they have some things I don’t. It makes the fight more interesting.

Another tid-bit of news was that Andy Belford left Mythic today, circumstances unknown. With the three month disappearance of Carrie the WAR community has lost the two PR faces of Mythic. Many tea-leaf readers will scream doom and gloom from this, I would not be so rash. The question remains who will fill in Andy’s position? Perhaps Carrie? Andy always had my sympathy because he had to deal with a shitty-ass community on the forums and while I, along with the community, longed for more communication from the Mythic staff, I did not like the trolling he received. Best of luck to him and his future endeavors.

In other news I was recently requested to do a ‘visual guide’ to lairs. So as I toil away on the salvo against Mythic, I shall work on doing some visual guides to finding the hidden gems of WAR.

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