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Lairs – T1 Empire

Read on for the T1 Empire v Chaos lair locations…

The first set of lairs for this little project I’d like to cover are the lairs of the Empire v Chaos T1 pairing : Nordland and Norsca. Some lairs are found within the RvR lakes (the bosses bound in rank to the RvR lake), while most others are located deep in the PvE lakes most often hidden and off the beaten path. For this project I will depict pre-level 40 lairs as a lower case ‘L’ and rank-40 lairs as an upper case ‘L’, and to help out those who are poor map readers I’ll even draw pretty lines for you to follow to reach the lairs.

Lair of Morra – Deep in the south of Nordland and accessible via the Chaos storyline is the Lair of Morra. The lair requires a bit of a swim down the coast-line and then a jumping exercise. Inside is Morra, a big bad wolf.

Lair of Kamilla – Within the T1 RvR lake is the Lair of Kamilla which is a special access lair, requiring all member from one of each of the three races of your faction to stand on the corresponding stone tablet. Once this condition is met the door swings open and in you go! Don’t let the enemy know you’re there. The proximity tome-unlock for this is currently broken.


Lair of Silveroak – In the far north of Norsca on the fringe of the Chaos storyline is the lair of Silveroak, a treekin. The lair is easily accessible for Destro as they can safely navigate their storyline, but Order has to ride by Gotland and slide down the hill past the champs (careful the champs are even at the base of the hill so you have to hug the all and go north towards the river). To reach the hero you have to navigate the eerie dead tree stumps up the hill.

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  1. February 3, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    There is so much stuff, I really don’t know about, like the lair of kamilla. It must be a bit soul destroying to have created all this “Stuff” and people just power through the level.

  2. Syrioq
    February 3, 2011 at 9:20 AM

    Yeah, I knew about Morra and Kamilla, but not Silveroak. Did Kamilla a few times, but it was always anti-climactic because the loot table sucked. Tried to do Morra once, spent 45 minutes trying to get the whole group over the jumping section, and we gave up.

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