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Lairs – T1 Dwarf

Read on for the T1 Dwarf v Greenskin lair locations…

Lair of the Bandit Queen – Nestled in the corner of the T1 Dwarf v. Greenskin RvR lake is the Lair of the Bandit Queen. This is a special access lair – meaning you don’t just walk in and kill, you have to do something special to open it up. For this particular lair someone has to die on the steps of the lair (presumably an enemy, but I’ve never seen anyone fight here) so most people who want to do this lair get a BW or Sorc to kill themselves with their spells backlash.

Lair of Gutslime – Distant relative of Ekaslime? I doubt it, he’s an evil gobbo. This lair requires going through the Dwarf storyline, past a PQ, and then finished off by a little jumping exercise. Inside is Nerx Gutslime, a night goblin shammie.

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