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Lairs – T1 Elf

Read on for the T1 High Elf v Dark Elf lair locations…

Lair of Lady Alisha – First up is the lair within the T1 RvR lake and this is a special access one. To enter the lair you need someone (or three people) to activate the runes to the north of the Plain of Bone which can be reached by swimming. Once all three runes are activated you have 5 minutes to enter the lair so be fast! After that the door closes and you have to go reactivate the runes.


Lair of Gorthalk – This lair is the home of a level 40 hero Undead Orc. For Order reaching it is a simple ride north past Adunei and the Thanlorn Forest PQ. Swim across the lake, scale the rocks and jump to the lair. For Destruction the matter is a little more complicated. The most direct route is up the hills of the Golden Tor PQ scaling the mountains until you can drop down to the plain west of the town of Lacorith. After that they would have to cross the Forlorn Isle and then climb the hill right next to Adunei getting dangerously close to a 55 Champ.

Lair of Kelbrax – Way down south in Chrace lays the lair of a Bray Shaman level 40 hero, Kelbrax. For Destro it’s an easy ride south and a few jumps to the lair, for Order the operation is a tad more tricky. Order players will have to ride north past the Blackwood Hill Garrison PQ, slide down the hill towards Tor Achrae, hook east past the chapter hub, swim to the peninsula with the Lionhome Lodge PQ, and then ride south.

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  1. February 14, 2011 at 8:24 AM

    Thanks for these guides, very helpful. It would be even more helpful if you could give the level of the lair bosses next to them, because it’s not always evident, some rank 40 heroes are in lower tier lairs.

    PS: I believe you got the order and destruction mixed up in the Chrace lair. 🙂

    • February 14, 2011 at 9:20 AM

      Lol I said in the first post lower case ‘l’s were for sub-40 bosses and upper case ‘L’s were for 40 bosses =P Not the most obvious system but I could just go back and edit it. Also what do you mean I got Order and Destro mixed up in Chrace?

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