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Lairs – T3 Empire

Read on for the T3 Empire v Chaos lair locations…

Lair of the Bleakwing Matriarch – Here we have a double-special lair! First off this lair was introduced with the introduction of the Knight of the Blazing Sun (I suppose they had to kill this beast to acquire all the feathers for their helms) and it is a special access lair. Destro has a bit of a trek to reach this place. To access this lair high upon the mountain you have to destro the eggs in the nests behind the ruined village, once you have destroyed enough eggs the Bleakwing Patriarch will come down and begin to attack you and channel his wind-blast. Do not kill him, because you need his wind blast to blow you up onto the ledge.

There is no lair for High Pass.

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