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Lairs – T3 Dwarf

Read on for the T3 Dwarf v Greenskin lair locations…

Lair of the Shambler – Tucked behind the Black Fire Pass RvR lake is the lair of a 21 Hero Bone Giant, and I mean behind the RvR lake. While getting to this lair requires traversing the RvR lake, you can still go there as a level 40 and survive the journey as a chicken. Because by technicality this is behind the RvR lake you can log in and out inside the cave to lose your chicken debuff and fight on; however, the gear he drops is still for rank 20s.

Lair of Ravack – Heading in the opposite direction from the lair of the Shambler we go to the eastern edge of the Black Fire Pass map and enter the lair of Ravack, a level 40 hero Wyvern. Nothing special about him other than his drops – he has some race specific capes with parry on them, so he gets quite a bit more attention than other lair bosses.

Lair of Krela Darkshroud – Heading down to the Badlands we find ourselves in the T3 RvR lake facing off with Krela Darkshroud, a level 31 Vampire hero –  vampires are super rare in this game. This is a special access lair, rumored to only work after patches (once someone has opened it up the mechanic seems to break and not work again… so sorry for opening it up just to get a screenshot… perhaps Mythic fixed it). Irregardless of whether or not it works, the mechanic is to activate the four plinths  by standing on the stones behind the plinth. I do not know if there is an order but I went left to right and it opened for me (I’ve done the same many other times on my T3 toons and it didn’t work).  Let’s hope Mythic fixed this one so it always opens.

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