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Lairs – T3 Elf

Read on for the T3 High Elf v Dark Elf lair locations…

Lair of Elrin Helfried – In the western mountains of Avelorn lays the lair of Elrin Helfried, a level 40 hero. A little bit of jumping to get here, but he main quest will be for Destro players whose easiest path to reach this area is by swimming around Order’s Lost Vale entrance.

Lair of Lady Grimgyre – Here we have another double-ly special lair! This lair was introduced with the Heavy Metal live event, presumably for the Black Guards. Also it is a special access lair – the only way to achieve it is to catch the ellusive sprite Arixxis the Scout who pops in and out all over the place and is targetable for about a second or two, once you target him you kill him and whoever lands the killing blow gets a Grimshimmer’s Lay Stone which opens a portal up into the tower. This lair is also unique for being defended, it is one of the few lairs with mobs protecting the lair boss (40 Champion harpies). Once inside slaughter the foul Lady Grimgyre!

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  1. Schmoptimus Prime
    February 11, 2011 at 11:39 AM

    They so need to bring these back into the game. It seems that they should give these laires the same idea given to the dungeons. Ie. Give us a reason to go there to get awesome unique drops. Special weapons etc. That would be relevant to each tier. Make them similar to SC weapons but different to give them a unique ability or something. I think laires are awesome but there is no incentive to bother with them. At the very least bring them back as part of live events as an objective.

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