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Lairs – T4 Empire

Read on for the T4 Empire v Chaos lair locations…

Frostshard Prison – Deep in the western mountains of West Praag is the lair of Frostshard Prison which is actually a lair containing 8 different bosses, all representatives of the foul Chaos gods. Getting here requires getting into the Order storyline (easy enough for both sides to do in Praag) and then jumping across the lowest waterfall to the mountain side. If you fall in the river you can just swim there. The 8 bosses within Frostshard Prison are activated by unknown timers – after you kill one the next spawns in at an unknown time, sometimes a minute later, sometimes 30m later, sometimes hours later. Rumors have always held that the giant Bloodthirster in the middle spawns once you kill all 8, but I believe these are only rumors as I have yet to see him move.

Lair of Tezakk Gnawbone – Tucked behind the Chokethorn Bramble BO in the Chaos Wastes is possibly the hardest lair to reach… for me. This one requires quite the jump fest across the ruins. Inside is yet another troll hero… why all the lairs are guarded by trolls and big dumb things one will never know.

Migliod’s Menagerie – The last lair for the Empire v Chaos pairing is Migliod’s Menagerie, which is like Frostshard Prison a lair of 8 bosses, all chaos breeds (manticore, dragon-ogre, hydra, chaos troll, chaos giant, winged nightmare, rhinox, dragon). These bosses however are all special access. Each of the 8 lairs is opened by someone blowing a horn elsewhere in the world. Without giving the exact locations of the horns there is one in Nordland, Norsca, Troll Country, High Pass, Praag, Reikland, Chrace, and the Marshes of Madness. They are Rider’s Horns hanging from tree limbs or cave ceilings or structure ceilings.

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