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Lairs – T4 Dwarf

Read on for the T4 Dwarf v Greenskin lair locations…

Lair of the Fleshrender – Within the Kadrin Valley RvR lake is the lair of Kyreia Sek, a Demonette of Slaanesh level 40 Hero. This lair is a special access lair in that there is a small puzzle to open it. Well not a puzzle, but you cant just walk in or open the door. You have to activate three steam valves to open the gate to come visit her. One is at the base of the path leading to her, and two are at the top.

Lair of the Fallen Slayer – Buried in the Greenskin PvE storyline of Kadrin Valley is a double-ly special lair! This lair was introduced with the Slayer and Choppa (for the Slayer of course) so it is special for that AND it is a special access lair with a few layers of intrigue. First of all to open the outer door you have to accept a quest to find 3 kegs to blow up the door, the kegs are nearby… can you find them? Secondly once you enter and attempt to open the first door you are assaulted by three waves of sneaky skaven. Kill the three waves, open the door and face off with another wave of skaven, this time with a champion. Kill them and reach the puzzle door with three levers next to it. The door is barred with two sets of bars, horizontal and vertical. The bars and door are covered with glyphs and you have to pull the levers in the right order to remove the three levels of security. Mess up and its a reset. Succeed and the doors open into one of the awesomest looking rooms in Warhammer – the hall of Fallen Slayer. Once you get deep enough in the hall two heroes spawn, a rat ogre and another skaven – you must kill the rat ogre first or he enrages. Possibly the best designed lair in the game.

Malachia’s Lair – Last lair in the lands of Dwaves and Greenskin! This is yet another double-ly special access lair. It was introduced with the Slayers and Choppas (we’ll say this one is for the Choppas) and it requires some thinking to access it. The lair has two sets of defenses, first a wall of vines which can only be removed by a Bottle of Naphtha somewhere in the Dwarf PvE lake…. (Hint – its a Ch. 21 PQ very close to the chapter hub…). Once you burn through the vines you have to battle through many a nugrling and chaos spawn and delve into the artistic wonder of Malachia’s Lair. The art of this place is amazing – the moving walls and the detail, simply fantastic. At the bottom of the cave is Malachia, a wyvern who came to escape the war of the Greenskin and the Dwarves and instead fell victim to Nurgle. Someone better call in Ellen Ripley for this one.

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