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Lairs – T4 Elf

Read on for the T4 High Elf v Dark Elf lair locations…

Lair of Gholnaros the Deathless – Right next to the Pel’s BO in DW is a brazier that is a secret lair. By technicality this lair is a special access lair – you can’t just walk in and fight the boss, instead you have to summon him. To summon Gholnaros you have to gather the three eyes scattered across the T4 Elf RvR lakes (Red in Eataine, Green in DW, Blue in Caledor). They have about a dozen random spawn locations so when you see one pick it up. They are rather hard to see because they are small, but a tell-tale sign that gives away their location is a small golden aura they emit every few seconds. Once someone has all three in their quest bag they can interact with the brazier and summon Gholnaros. And here’s a tribute to my guild leader and ‘George the dragon’ –

Lair of Fesitt – Right next to the Order warcamp in Caledor is Fesitt, a level 40 rat ogre hero. Nothing quite special about this fellow, its very close to heated action-spots of Caledor and thus the boss is rarely sitting there all lonesome-like. Keep in mind you are flagged for RvR while in here, so keep a vigilant eye on the entrance for the other realm to ruin your fun.


Laif of Xaphan of the Pyre – East of Wrath’s Resolve is a lair with a book in front of it. This is the lair of a Chaos warrior, Xaphan of the Pyre, and it is a special access lair. To open the door one person has to interact with six candles scattered across the world (it has to be one person, you can’t split up the candles between multiple people). If you click the book you are directed to the wooded lands of the Elves (Avelorn), The Black Crag, The realm of the Ice Queen (Praag), The land of the Reik, the northern reaches of the Empire (pull out your geography book), and deep within the Marshes where Madness reigns. Each candle is placed upon an alter in these zones – light all 6 and come back to Caledor to read the book and enter the lair.

And those are all the lairs of Warhammer Online (for now…?)!

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