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/Happy V-day!

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes, for those of you who live in a secluded world – today is Valentine’s, a lovely commercialized Western holiday! In the style only WAR can deliver, players show their love with the Night of Murder live event by throwing their victim’s skulls about and bathing in the blood of their foes. Not quite the image Western society has of Valentines… It surprises me that with Mythic’s love of /emote tasks for Live Events and all the new emotes that they didn’t take some time to switch up the tasks this year and make us /hug our allies and /preen our enemies. Or even have a rare item of someone’s heart  (with their name attached) which you can mail to a friend!

How many foes can you emote with hugs before they realize your intentions and /hug back…? Probably none because WAR is full of heartless fiends =) So for those of you playing WAR today instead of smelling roses and eating chocolates, I challenge you do go about /hug-ing and /preen-ing everyone you see. And if you’re feeling especially fancy you can always make your own /e command for your allies.

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