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1.4.1 Reaction

February 16, 2011 3 comments

Yesterday Mythic posted the 1.4.1 patch notes. I’m gonna throw in a hypothetical guess here and say that this patch will go live roughly when they take the event down, so next Wed/Thurs. Considering there isn’t really much to test (in terms of huge changes like new city design or new RvR design that required weeks of testing and tweeking) I see no reason for this patch to be delayed. Also before I jump into my analysis/critique we have a thread of player responses to the patch – I sincerely urge everyone to tell Mythic their thoughts about this.

This guess of patch launch date puts it in a critical position – yes, I haven’t uttered the word yet on this blog, but everyone who loves and plays WAR has heard of the impending doom looming on the horizon known as Rift, which is suppose to launch at the start of March. Put one and one together and you get two! Two being that this patch should be the ace-in-the-pocket to keep WAR players from venturing into that other nasty game. It is hardly that. Nothing about this patch, absolutely nothing, says ‘we are working to address the concerns of the community and create a fun game that is keeping up with the newer competition on the market.’

Let’s try an analyze this patch and what it means for us as players, and try to nail Mr. Casey’s questions of ‘how does this narrow the gap, what do you like/dislike, etc.’

  • General Changes – The time and penalty for repeatedly killing someone has been lowered… so you are worth more to be farmed, great. I thought farming lowbees in T4 was a problem before, now it’ll be more lucrative.
  • Renown bonus from Progression pack to persist into lower 80s – fantastic, as per usual every time eka achieves something Mythic makes it easier to do. What happened to the days of having to work for your gear and renown? Now it’s all for free.
  • Three min afk timer – thank God. Now we can all go pee without fear of being booted.
  • TI bosses no longer suffer morale damage – um… what does this fix? You want us to waste more time PvE-ing in the crappy rat-hole?
  • Pack-master revamp – well that’s good I guess, for a half-assed Skaven class. Here’s a suggestion – remove the Skaven and make a playable Skaven army for Destro.
  • The Gutter Runner can no longer sabotage things from behind doors – great. Shoulda been hot-fixed months ago, but better late than never.
  • Gutter Runner’s spy range lowered – I never saw this as a pressing concern. What I’d like to see fixed is them stealthing in combat and staying perma-stealthed the whole time.
  • Enemy guards dispell Last Stand – Take that Tru! Now you’ll never kill me when I’m afk in the warcamp!
  • Scenario line up – Utterly horrible for RDPS. I cannot possibly understand what the logic is behind these scenarios other than to strengthen MDPS  (which is already on par with tanks when its wearing defensive Sov/DF/WF gear). Gates of Ekrund and Mourkain Temple are both very small scenarios with limited range and low LoS, you want LoS you gotta get very close to the melee. Maw of Madness is an LoS nightmare and in its old mechanic ended far too fast. Tor Anroc will be a punt-victory-fest, and last time I counted Destro has quite a few more AoE knockbacks than Order (BO, SH, Zel, Magus, Sorc, DoK, Shammie, etc) – horrible SC for T4. The remaining two are ok but honestly, what was the logic behind removing Nordenwatch from T4? Its among the most popular scenarios and you stick us with this crap?
  • Quitter’s Debuff for those who force crash into empty cities – about damn time. I’ve reported this bug so much since the new city format launched and I knew people were doing it. Months ago! For months I’ve heard of people doing this and Mythic barely catches on right now… my gosh.
  • RR cap doubled for levels up to level 36 – again this will have unforeseen consequences. T3 will simply become the new T4 with power and gear divides.
  • Class Balance – well the already mentioned healer changes plus the overhaul of the DoK/WP (which I approve of) but no mention for other classes. How about tanks and healers who can out-dps dps classes and maintain their high level of survivability? What about addressing the glaring disparity between Magical and Physical RDPS and how Physical RDPS have to stack weapon skill to bypass a higher capped armor stat while Magical RDPS do not have to stack a secondary stat to deal with lower resistance caps? What about the fact that armor values are increasing in the game well over the armor cap while armor debuffs are not? Do you guys (Mythic) even play the game…?
  • Armor set kick-in-the-nuts – Um what do you, Mythic, aim to solve by shoving down the T4 armor sets to T2 and 3? Do you just want to create an armor-divide in those tiers? Do  you want to obsolete PvE sets and make them nothing but token relics of the past, eventually leading to the rationalization of removing dungeons as wasted server-space? Why do you constantly make sets that old players worked so hard to get easier and easier to get? I come from an age when I had to win conq bags in hard-as-hell-to-take forts and people couldn’t opt out. Now you’re talking about making them purchasable for gold? I hit 80 wearing Dark Promise and Invader and back then that was awesome stuff, very hard to come by. Now that gear is laughable in the face of Doomflayer and Warpforged. You fix absolutely nothing by bumping these armor sets down a tier or two and introducing a new set to take the place of Warlord gear. There was NO gap between Warlord and Sov. You finished Warlord at RR70 and started Sov at RR73. That’s the smallest damn gear gap in the game – 3 renown ranks! No sirs and madams of Mythic, the problem is Doomflayer and Warpforged which is light-years ahead of the old competition. If anything you should have crammed the new set between Sov and Doomflayer OR you could stop being punks and let us start wearing one DF piece at 86/87/88/89/90 and WF at 96/97/98/99/100.
  • Art – You fixed weapon orientation… um what does this even mean? And you renamed a dye? Really these are priorities on your list?
  • And you messed with UI… hopefully not breaking it.

I asked someone in full Warpforged how they would compare Doomflayer and Warpforged to other renown sets and they replied ‘Doomflayer is to Sovereign as Sovereign is to Annihilator. Warpforged is to Sovereign as Sovereign is to Decimator.’ That’s just one person’s opinion – one person wearing that gear. How do you think those of us in the lower sets feel fighting the big boys? Address the glaring disparity between Doomflayer and Warpforged and the old sets! Address the divide between Physical and Magical RDPS! Address the issue of tanks and healers being able to out-dps dps classes! Fix the dozens of bugs I and others have wasted time reporting! And for the love of WAR give us somewhere new to fight!

This is the best hand you’ve played with the imminent launch of Rift, WAR’s biggest competition on the market? This is the best?! I love Warhammer, but I honestly do not get the sense from Mythic that they do.

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