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Mythic goes Hypothetical?!

February 17, 2011 3 comments

Today James posted a Hypothetical possibility for the future. Have they taken a clue form my blog??  I doubt it, but I appreciate the connection to my blog 😉 What he presented was a scenario where you survive the horde. I would have preferred that he chose another name than ‘Horde Mode Scenario’ the concept in general will most likely scream ‘Rift’ to those who are onto the concept of that game.

Thus far the PvP-ers of WAR (most of those left in WAR…) dislike the proposal because it is another expansion towards PvE (LotD and TI being the two prime examples of failed PvE expansions). Only a few people like the idea, perhaps those who think it will give WAR competitive ground with Rift.

My main concerns with this idea are what is the intent of the ‘Horde Mode SC’? Is it going to drop new currency? Will it give renown for killing mobs? Is it going to be TI style where its PvPvE ? What is the ‘reward’ for this system? As much as I like the idea I fear that it will be a negatively received PvE injection into WAR. People do not want another TI. People do not want more currency. If Mythic wants to implement this they should consider doing it in the PvE lakes at certain PQs, and make it more of an hourly ordeal or something (like the Night of the Demon Moon Bloodthirster PQ) and it can open only in the contested zone OR you can have the wave of mobs emerge to assist the realm with AAO to try and help balance out the fight. If this does end up going live as a sc then its just going to turn into ‘what group has the best AoE set up’ or ‘what group has more aoe sorcs/bws/choppas/slayers/etc.’ and that is not fun.

Tread carefully Mythic. Learn from your successes and failures with Lotd/ToVL and TI. Both were received by the community as expansions, regardless of what you want to call them, and both were received poorly. The community wants bugs fixed and balance. We want to see RvR grow not more opportunities to farm PvE.

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