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WAR Old-School

February 19, 2011 2 comments

Today I bring up a request passed on to me through a friend, a request I believe many share. The request is rather simple, though I believe it would be received with some uncertainty from the community due to the recent server mergers. What is the request? Well its Warhammer Online pre-1.3.2 (excluding class balance changes). What was 1.3.2? It was the patch that nixed forts.

While WARs population may be in a gray area and this request may seem counter-intuitive due to the recent server mergers, I think many players would like to see a server where things can start anew. What you’re looking at is a server where character transfers were not allowed; everyone would have to start from scratch, build their gold from scratch, acquire their weapons from scratch. A completely new economy not influenced by players who have been playing the markets for years.

So what you’re looking at is a server where forts still exist and the horrors of 1.4.0 do not. Zone domination timers would simply be reduced to accommodate the zone-locking mechanism because the 2hrs for keeps from before was admittedly too long. No Skaven. No farming resources for rams. Take the best of both worlds and make a server where people can start from fresh and feel like they’re on an even playing field.

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