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How Would You Fix Your Class?

February 20, 2011 2 comments

Did a bit of site maintenance today clearing out almost half my blogroll, sadly many WAR bloggers have disappeared as they shift their interests to other activities.

As an update for Hypothetical WAR (because I know Mythic’s waiting for me to disappear) I’m still working hard on my next super-project, hence my lower posting-rate currently. I’m actually trying to write my posts ahead and organize them and edit them. This project may very well be my final salvo at Mythic, but boy am I making it a massive volley.

So today, as I work on my project, I ask you my readers one simple question: Assuming your class needs fixing, how would you fix your class? I am looking for analytical unbiased approaches to this question. If you only ask for ‘x’ your mirror has, that’s biased; try to think ‘what do they have that I want?’ Please try to keep it to classes you’ve played to level 40.

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